18 May 2016

From GTBFO: Brave Mike Ashley loses rights to fleece cash from Rangers, its supporters

Quasi-CRO-retired Shane penned a piece on today's bad news for Big Mike over at SB Nation's Got the Battle Fever On. Check it out here.

05 May 2016

SOMETHING NEW!!! (That's very old.)

Click here to check out the May 1978 edition of Rangers News, celebrating the Club's 37th title, over on our Rangers History site.

12 January 2016

The Final Act: Goodbye, White Duke

He could be everything to anybody, or anything to everybody–we never knew. We weren’t allowed to know. Sometimes, it seemed he never knew himself.

08 January 2016

CRO Scouting Reports

We here at the CRO take great pride in our scouting department who work tirelessly to provide us with info on all players linked with Rangers. Here, for the first time ever, are our exclusive reports on some of the names linked to or inked to deals with Rangers this January.

14 December 2015

CRO At-large: Guess Who's Going to the Euros

Scotland may not be headed to France next year, but the Robert Lewandowski led Poland national football team is, and with a most unlikely supporter in-tow.

Go get'em, Poland! For your sake and everyone else's.

11 December 2015

10 December 2015

Sacrificial Llambias

Woe is Derek Llambias, Rangers' former chief executive who definitely wasn't put there just to make sure Mike Ashley could keep doing whatever the fuck he wanted. It was all down to his work ethic, you see? Business acumen and whatnot.

Which is sad really when you consider just how dire he was at carrying out his duties, at least from a strictly duty-bound sense. Sure, he may be good at the helm of a tank brigade, but we've all seen how timid he is in dealing with the breakneck world of airport terminals.