03 September 2014

Meet The New Boss

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

To some it may seem like a lifetime ago. Since the RIFC AGM at the end of last year, grey hairs have grown, frustration has simply risen, stress balls have taken a pounding - and all to no avail.

However, let's journey back to what people would probably refer to as the saving grace of this time - the appointment and integration of the new Chief Executive, Graham Wallace. The man entered with a certain dignity that his predecessors in the role were bereft of. He spoke well, appeared to dodge few issues and there was an air of honesty that precious incumbents also sorely lacked.

However, rhetoric is as cheap as the paper it's written on, and the best part of a year later, fans are most certainly seeing that. If I was to offer my opinion, I believed - and still do to an extent - that Wallace came in to this job with good intentions. His talk of ending the "bonus culture", however, now looks as empty as anything else that has been said in this whole affair. The club currently sits on the brink of another financial meltdown, yet there is time for another expensive PR man to refuse to comment on whether he'll be taking a performance-related bonus or not.

Remind you of anyone?

01 September 2014

Transfer Deadline Day Open Thread

It's Transfer Deadline Day, and apparently also a day to pick up nearly 3.6 million shares in Rangers.

If you missed the news, two movements of approximately 1.8 million shares in RIFC plc were recorded this morning, each for roughly £455,000. We're still waiting on an announcement to the LSE with details on the transactions but we can tell you the share price have moved up ever so slightly today to a current number of 25.28.

In the more football-related-matters, Lewis Macleod, now linked with everyone from Brighton to Wigan and all points in between, is at Auchenhowie with the Scotland setup prior to setting off for the U21 base. We're going to go ahead and make the bold prediction that our future captain is still with Rangers at the end of the shift.

So what have you heard/what do you know/what info did the taxi driver tell you that he got from his last fare who had it on good authority from his cousin who's an agent? Tell us in the open thread below and we'll come back with any updates as we have them.

(Updates below the jump.)

29 August 2014

Groundhog Day: The Board Calls for Another Share Issue

By Peter Ewart | Contributor

The Rangers Board released a statement in regards to a potential share issue in RIFC plc on the 6th of August and today we have the details.

What is on offer?

A further 19.8m shares in RIFC plc are available through an Open Offer at £0.20 per share, a discount of 21.6% on the 28 August closing price, to all shareholders who held shares at 5 p.m. on the day.

Shareholders can buy 0.30185 new shares for every 1 share currently held, so if you bought 714 shares for £500 at the IPO you can buy 215 new shares at £43.

If all the shares are taken up then there would be 85.6m shares in RIFC plc. Essentially a 23% equity stake in RIFC plc is being offered to existing shareholders for £3.96m.

24 August 2014

Five things we learned from: Clyde & Dumbarton

by Alan Clark | Deputy Editor

After recording a disappointing opening day defeat to Hearts, Rangers stumbled to a 2-0 victory away to Falkirk in the SPFL Championship.

Then, Barry Ferguson's Clyde came calling at Ibrox in the Petrofac Training Cup, leaving Govan with their pride damaged after an 8-1 hammering. On Saturday, Dumbarton were next at Ibrox and again, Rangers played some good football to win 4-1.

Here's five things we learned from the wins over Clyde and Dumbarton...

22 August 2014

CROpod Spirit Quest Journey

Your latest episode of the CROpod has Shane joined by Peter and a season debut from Marcus. Lots of football to discuss, some shipyards, ice bucket challenges, other business. Sadly, the audio for the regular questions segment burned up on the reel and the tape was not salvageable. But hey, the levels finally sound about right.

13 August 2014

CRO/WATP Mag Open Fantasy Premier League

Time's running out to join this year's CRO/WATP Mag Open Fantasy Premier League. Join the fun. Do it. Sign up.

Do it.

Just go ahead and do it.

Seriously, don't make us tell you again.

From the pages of WATP: Bears Abroad

From the pages of the newest WATP Magazine, Shane Nicholson tells his story about the time when Brian Laudrup joined Rangers.

Twenty years have come and gone since the signing of Brian Laudrup and with it the revelation that was Walter’s completion of nine-in-a-row. Finding markers in the lifetime of supporting a club as illustrious as Rangers can be difficult but for me this has always been 0 AD. It’s no wonder the arrival of God at Ibrox laid the marker.
Our own Shane Nicholson joined the last We Welcome the Chase podcast (recorded pre-Hertz). Take a look at 'QPR Star Guitar' here.