20 November 2012

I Think They’ve Caught Rangersitis!

By William Cahill | CRO Guest Contributor

At the moment, all you seem to see, when regarding Celtic fans, is that all they want to talk about is The Rangers, and is Twitter is the place where you hear them the most.

I don’t know how many of them have blocked me for simply questioning their allegiance to the side they claim to support. Most of the time it’s just the usual insults.

“Dirty orange bastard.”

But like I tell people a lot: if it’s not me, it’s some other poor fucker.

Even after a shift at Fir Park, whilst en route back to Glasgow on a coach which my employer lays on for us, my Celtic-supporting work-mates were still talking about us… and they had beat Barcelona just two days before!

I suppose it’s true what they say:
You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

Celtic fans whom I consider good friends have even stated to me that there is no excitement in the SPL without Rangers.

At least they're honest about it. Unlike most.

And no-one now realises it more than Neil Doncaster and his SPL’s member clubs. That’s why league reconstruction is a must for those wee clubs.

No Rangers. No Old Firm. No excitement.

Then follows the important part:

No sponsors. No Sky. No value.

Not only do the SPL still owe money to Rangers for finishing second last season, they also stalled on advanced TV payments to their member clubs too.

We know of at least one club whom it affected badly, Romanov’s Hearts.

Not only did they lose their best player to a Third Division club but they couldn’t even pay their staff on time either due to the incompetence of the technically insolvent SPL.

A figure of £1 million has been quoted as the fee paid for David Templeton. Plus, there is £500,000 outstanding for the transfer of Lee Wallace.

I wonder where those pounds and pennies are going? Certainly not into Hearts FC anyway, it would appear.

But I don’t think that many Rangers fans, like myself, will care too much about a club who voted for its own death like a lot of others carelessly did.

But, hey, karma can be a bitch, and as for that Rangersitis, we hear it can be tough to shake.
This is William's first go-round at the CRO. He can be found on Twitter at @WilliamRFC_1