05 December 2012

Hard As Nails

Coming up in the first issue of the free-to-download CRO web-mag we have a belter of an interview with the one and only Graham Roberts (along with a special guest introduction) by part-time contributor Scott Ferguson. CROmag #1 will be available the middle of December. If you or your company would fancy a bit of advertising space take a look here for rates and info.

And just for you today is a little warm-up from our own Bill McMurdo. Enjoy!

By Bill McMurdo | CRO Contributor

Back in the 1990's my old man and I organised a game between a Legends Select  and the boys from Brookside (remember that?) who liked a wee game. It was a charity fundraiser for Yorkhill Hospital.

We had a few ex-Gers in the Legends team, including Gordon Smith and Wee Doddie MacDonald. We also flew Graham Roberts in as a big name attraction for the Legends.

The Brookside lads and Robbo were all staying at the Moat House. I was on chaperone duties so was staying at the hotel myself.

The big guy who played Terry in the soap - Brian Regan - came to me after a while and asked if he could have a word.

I said sure and he then informed me that Robbo had been going up to all the Brookside lads in the hotel and telling them he was going to do them all in the upcoming game.

I laughed and said that will just be Robbo on the wind-up but Brian Regan - who was a smashing big lad - said, "I don't think so, Bill. He seems really serious and the lads are bricking it."

Later on I was standing outside the hotel and Graham Roberts comes up to me, all smiles and happy.

I said, "Graham, have you been winding the boys from Brookie up? They are s******g themselves cos you have been intimidating them. I told Brian you were just at the wind-up."

"I wasn't," he said, totally deadpan.

I laughed - nervously, I admit and said: "It's only a charity game, Graham."

He gave me a spine-chilling look and snarled at me: "Do you wanna lose?"

"No, you carry on, Graham," I said.

Robbo then enlightened me about how he approached every game, regardless of opposition or occasion. Let's just say that Graham Roberts played IN charity games, though he never played a charity game.

It does have to be said that he did take a little mercy on the Brookie lads as they were too wrecked from a night of decadence the night before the game to offer up much opposition - though they did themselves proud on other forays north. When they were less bevvied, that is.

As for me, whenever I am asked who the hardest footballer I have ever encountered is, I always think of this wee story.

I like to remind Robbo of it whenever I see him.

He just chuckles.