04 December 2012

Leading from the front

by Bill McMurdo | CRO Contributor

Chuck The Enforcer Green
Charles Green has stepped up to the plate and shown true leadership with his decision to refuse any ticket allocation for the forthcoming Scottish Cup tie at Tannadice.

Every major supporter group had called for a boycott in respect of this fixture and Green has shown his respect for fans' wishes by this bold move.

It remains to be seen how this will go down with the SFA; I do not imagine sponsors will be too happy with Green's decision. However, it may guarantee a bumper viewing figure in terms of television.

I do expect Dundee United to be unhappy, even although it will give them an opportunity to pack even more Rangers-haters into Tannadump on the day. It will gall the already embittered Stephen Thompson even more when he has to pay half the gate to the team he despises so much.

Perhaps Charles Green and Rangers directors should do what Thompson did a couple of years back and sit in the bus till five minutes before kick-off so they don't have to talk to the wee nyaff. I am sure Chuck and co have too much class to resort to such things. After all, Rangers stand for dignity and class, unlike some.

The decision by Green to reject Rangers' ticket allocation will settle the tense situation which was developing between those fans who would have backed a boycott and the "Everywhere, anywhere" division who would have boycotted the boycott.

My own view is, as I said on my own blog earlier today, that I fully back and endorse the boycott.

The level of hatred directed toward Rangers is despicable and it appears it is not abating. Therefore, it is essential that true bears everywhere get behind the team - even if, in these curious times we live in, that means not going to certain games to cheer them on.

Now those who would have gone to the game in defiance of all the major fan groups will have to do so in defiance of the club itself - and risk ejection from the ground if they display support for The Rangers.

These are difficult times to be a Ranger, given the bigotry shown towards our club. But it is a time to stand up and be counted. And a time to stand united.

We should also be thankful that in Charles Green we have someone prepared to lead from the front and not shirk the fight.

Bill is a regular contributor to the CRO. He can be found on Twitter at @WilliamMcMurdo and via email:bmcmurdo@thecoplandroad.org