11 December 2012

Making a horse's ass of things...

By Bill McMurdo | CRO Contributor

This time of year has traditionally been one rich with comedic entertainment, especially with it being the panto season.

It appears that those involved in the Stock Market are getting panto-like entertainment from reading the comments by fans of Celtic Football Club in relation to the Rangers Share Issue.

The dafties who follow the hoops are, it seems, not content to make believe they are experts on tax and EBT's; the skill-set of many a numpty sellic fan now includes investment expertise.

I am led to believe that these financial whizzkids are deluging both the AIM and other financial institutions with the most ridiculous arguments against the IPO.

Although these arguments are providing laughs for the genuine financial experts involved in the Stock Exchange, some who work in the industry are expressing shock at the level of bigotry and spite expressed by the terminally obsessed that stalk everything relating to RFC.

The basic argument of the deluded hoopsters is their tired old chestnut of Rangers being a new club. They are objecting to stuff like Ally McCoist's history being referenced on the prospectus as, according to them, Coisty has never played for this "new club."

Yes, they really are that petty and that silly.

The thing is, we always knew it. Now their stupidity is being displayed to the financial and securities industry.

At least now we know what they are getting up to when they boycott matches involving their own team.

They are busy making a horse's ass of themselves.

Well, it is the panto season.

Bill is a regular contributor to the CRO. He can be found on Twitter at @WilliamMcMurdo and via email:bmcmurdo@thecoplandroad.org