03 December 2012

#TextTuesday - Fight the good fight

By Andy McGowan | CRO Contributor

Social media is a wonderful tool: it allows us to connect, share and influence in real time. In the wake of the first tier tax tribunal (FTTT) which found Rangers not guilty of the crime of tax evasion it has been used as a very large stick with which to beat certain discredited journalists over the head.

But more importantly has been key in the spreading of a very important petition for all Rangers fans. The handling of the FTTT or ‘big tax case’ as it came to be known over the years has been a constant source of frustration to both the club and all of its supporters. 

A time frame which dragged on years and leaked documents used by anonymous blogs and journalists to distort the reality of the situation are just two of the issues which must be investigated during this attempt at punishing an innocent club retrospectively. The fact is that HMRC moved the goalposts after the game was finished then tried to reverse the score line.   

Rangers are not liable for any money nor guilty of any crime or wrongdoing, yet for years the club has been persecuted for tax avoidance, a practise which every company and indeed tax paying member of the public undertakes. This assumed guilt, this conjecture reported as fact all leads back to the leaking of documents from within HMRC who have gone beyond the pale in their capacity as a government branch who are to act in the best interests of the public. 

For many fans simply winning the FTTT is not enough we may have been vindicated but the damage done due to this red herring, this mock threat, can never be undone. Both the club and the fans deserve justice as do the many players who had their private dealings published online for all to see. Nikki Brown has taken up the mantle by creating a petition to have this leak and HMRC investigated for the travesty that became ‘the big tax case’ and to date over 30,000 of us have signed up, almost down to the power of social media alone.

But as powerful as social media is this is not enough; 30,000 is not enough. The best hope, the only hope for the justice we all desire is you - the fan who has yet to sign the petition, you the fan who hasn’t spread the word. On a weekly basis we ask that our players and our coaching staff give us 100% so now is the time to ask yourself have you given the club the same back? Have you given your support to the club as we seek redemption from years of illegal practises from inside HMRC? 

It’s time that we all take up this mantle as Nikki Brown did by asking for justice. It’s time for our galvanised fan base – undoubtedly the best fan base in this country – to push for this crucial investigation to take place to see that those who anonymously and illegally attacked our club are called upon to answer for these crimes. 

What we – The Copland Road Organization – ask is simply this: a text message. We ask that on Tuesday the 4th of December you text your friends who are lucky enough to support the greatest club in the world and ask them to sign the petition – an organised #TextTuesday effort by the thousands of Bears online. This act which will take no more than a minute could reignite the momentum of this petition which must succeed in reaching its goal of 100,000 signatures. 

The club from boardroom to dressing room have a responsibility to do their very best to see that the club are as successful as possible both on and off the park; it is our responsibility to return this in kind and fight for the club that we love, to see that no more undue harm comes to her. I implore you to sign the petition, for every goal you celebrated, for every smile put on your face, for every day the club made a little bit easier just by winning a game of football, for every time against the odds they have lifted a trophy, and for every time they’ve just got it right up ‘them’ please do a little something to give back to these many past heroes who have been wrongfully exposed as supposed cheats and liars. 

If you haven’t signed the petition already please take the few minutes required to do so and stand up not only for your club but for justice - http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/42143

And make sure you mark that address down for tomorrow. #TextTuesday, Bears. Spread the word.