09 December 2012

Worth Every Penny

By Bill McMurdo | CRO Contributor

I see the muckrakers of the Scottish press are trying to make a big deal about the salaries of Charles Green and other Rangers directors.

If there was a Pulitzer Prize for a non-story this would be a winner, for sure.

There are two things I want to say about the salaries of Rangers directors:

1) They are none of my business.

The Moneymakers
2) That said, taken collectively, the salaries of Charles Green, Imran Ahmad and Brian Stockbridge are still less put together than that of Martin Bain. And we all know how good a job he did...

I would say Rangers are getting value for money from the men running the show at Ibrox.

By next May Rangers will likely have £50 million of cash at bank and be sitting pretty on top of £100 million freehold property.

Not bad business from the Charles Green consortium.

Particularly when you contrast matters with those of Celtic CEO Peter Lawwell, who has just been paid over£1.6 million for filling Celtic Park with empty seats.

It appears that the Blofeld of Scottish football hasn't found the magic formula of his Rangers counterparts.

The one that prevents the fans walking away, that is.

I am sure most of my fellow bluenoses will agree with me that Big Chuck and his fellow directors are worth every penny they take home.

This latest pathetic attempt by the Scottish media to divide the Rangers family is a massive fail.

I am pretty sure it won't be the last, though.

Bill is a regular contributor to the CRO. He can be found on Twitter at @WilliamMcMurdo and via email:bmcmurdo@thecoplandroad.org