04 January 2013

Billy Boys Update

By Bill McMurdo | CRO Editor-at-large

I am up to my knees in emails with suggestions for the new Hello Hello We Are The Billy Boys lyrics to replace the contentious ones.

Here are some of the best suggestions so far:-

Hello hello we are the Rangers boys,
Hello hello you'll know us by our noise,
We'll always fight we never run,
Surrender or you'll die,
For we are the famous Rangers boys.
(Jamie Barr)

Hello! Hello!
We are the Billy boys
Hello! Hello!
You'll know us by our noise
Our cry was no surrender as we refused to die
For we are the Billy Billy boys
(Iain Boyd)

This one is taken from an old LP version:-

Hello we are the Billy Boys
Hello Hello you’ll know us by our noise
We Follow Glasgow Rangers
Our Hearts are Strong and True
For ‘We are the People’ who Cheer the boys in Blue !
(suggested by Scott Kerr)

There were no crap suggestions; all were actually quite good.

What I think is important to stress is that being up to the knees in any kind of blood will probably get the thumbs-down from people like UEFA - so changing the "F" word to Celtic, rebel etc won't cut it.

I am aware that Vini Holden on Rangers Media is organising a formal committee to progress the reintroduction of the song on an official basis. This committee, which will include legal advisors, will approach the club officially and take soundings from the likes of UEFA, the police and the Scottish Government.

I am also aware that Charles Green has been made personally aware that TBB is back on the agenda for the light blue legions.

Support for bringing back TBB on forums like Follow Follow has been massive, though there are those who think it is either something not worth fighting for or a battle we should leave for another time.

In terms of the "UEFA won't allow it" argument, I can tell you that UEFA observers have been briefed to listen for The Famine Song at Rangers' European games. Given that this song is no longer sung but Four Men Had A Dream is - with a similar tune - then precedent has been set for word changes.

If you want to contact Vini at Rangers Media to find out how the campaign is doing, here is the link to the thread on RM:-


Keep sending your alternative lyrics and we will keep posting the best ones!

Bill can be found on Twitter at @WilliamMcMurdo and via email: bmcmurdo@thecoplandroad.org