06 January 2013

Come in, Agent MacMentallyUnstable - your work is done

By Bill McMurdo | CRO Editor-at-large

It appears that Phil Multi Names has been upsetting his fellow Republicans with snide comments and word of mouth whisperings - according to an explosive article on TAL fanzine.

According to the article, Phil Mac Giolla Bhain is a fantasist - who knew? - and is so up himself that he is intent on destroying the reputations of people who oppose him. Surely they have it wrong about this journalistic crusader and champion of right?

The author goes on to question whether or not Mad Phil - whose Multi Names tag is given yet more validity by the revealing of yet another name i.e. his supposedly original name of White - is just a Walter Mitty character or something more sinister. Apparently there is credence given to the possibility he is an agent provocateur.

Most Rangers fans only know of Mad Phil's ramblings against the Gers but not that he is a divisive figure within the Republican movement. It seems that he actively disses those he doesn't like by smearing them with things like paedophilia. What a charmer. Also, he of the Many Names has two faces toward Republican supremo Martin McGuinness - lauding him publicly while slating him privately. Surely a dangerous thing to do?

On the matter of Phil White being an agent provocateur, we can confirm he has not been acting on behalf of CRO, although he has given us lots to write about over the past while. If he is a double agent, then he has done a good job in destroying the credibility of the anti-Rangers looney brigade, of which he is the undoubted leader. And if he has managed to piss off a lot of Republican-minded Celtic fans, he should be given a medal.

Of course, anybody who claimed that Phil of the Many Names was working deep cover would be getting him in real trouble and we wouldn't want that, would we?

Like most who take the trouble to look - and I suspect the author of this piece in TAL - I have come to the conclusion that Phil Mac Giolla Bhain is, indeed, an agent provocateur, working for his true and most beloved cause.


Read the piece in TAL. Whoever wrote it has some brilliantly funny names for the Mad Lad from Baillieston. And you'll enjoy the infighting.

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