08 January 2013

Lambs To The Slaughter

By Bill McMurdo | CRO Editor-at-large

Do I really want to write another blog piece on the cretinous and/or villainous behaviour of those tasked with running football in this country - along with the self-serving snivellers who run the member clubs?

How many times can you say the SPL is a busted flush or find some other metaphor to describe what is going on in the game we all love so dearly? Sinking ships, turkeys voting for Christmas, lemmings going over a cliff...

After a while it just gets so bone-gnawingly tedious to watch petty spite and short-term self-interest win the day yet once more.

As I said in my own blog yesterday, the capitulation of David Longmuir and the SFL clubs has made me change sides on a personal basis. I have long been a fervent proponent of Rangers being IN Scottish football and I was opposed to any move to England. Now, I would take a move to Welsh or Irish football just to let the vicious bigoted world of Scottish football rot from its poisonous core without The Rangers.

It's ironic that 2012 was a year where every self-appointed paragon of sporting integrity wanted to lecture Rangers fans on the greed and avarice of Rangers Football Club. Yet here we are beginning 2013 with clubs falling over themselves to take what is no more than a bribe to jettison sensible plans for the game's future and sign up to the Frankenstein Leagues of the SPL.

And let's not kid ourselves that any kind of merger has taken place. What has happened is a takeover, plain and simple. The new body will still be run by the same Blofeld-controlled puppets with David Longmuir being suitably rewarded for his role in delivering the sacrificial lambs of the SFL to the table.

Longmuir was being mooted as a possible leader of the game and I was one of his cheerleaders. Others who saw him as a capable administrator were closer to the mark. Good leaders are agents of change while good administrators find a master to serve well.

In one sense, it suits Rangers fans. We don't want a leg up or a fast-track to the top tier. The anger that Gers supporters are feeling tonight has nothing to do with a desire to see the team shoe-horned into the top flight. It is about seeing Scottish football dominated by morons and control freaks who are making our game the laughing stock of world football.

Yes, I have no doubt that it will implode upon the now greatly enlarged cabal that is ruining our game. Like others, I will revel in it when it comes. I just didn't want to write yet another blog about the buffoons and bigots who infest the game I love in this country.

But it's too late - I just have.

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