13 February 2013

Absolute must-read stuff from Big Chuck speaking to our brothers down in Sydney last week.

A few select highlights:

"We have £20M in the bank. We have no borrowings yet people are still trying to make mischief." (Sorry, Mick/Phil.)

"I won’t work after Rangers – this is the most satisfying job I have ever had. But of course the shareholders can vote me out. No one has sole control."

"When I was at Sheffield I paid £500k for a Flo brother – Rangers paid £11.5M too much."

"I’m sure if I went to the South Pole I would find a RSC."

"SFA have now admitted they have been speaking to UEFA about cross border leagues and that they wouldn’t oppose Rangers leaving Scotland. This was denied 6 months ago. They haven’t been telling the truth..."

"I told Neil Doncaster I wouldn’t be attending the league restructure meeting as I can’t vote. It is ridiculous we can’t vote. The rules change like the weather."

"Rangers will be going to the USA this year and Indonesia next year." (Woot.)

Anyway, click on over to our friends in Oz and read the bit.