30 April 2013

In case you missed it: April on the CRO

Looking back in brief at the last month of the CRO, and some of the times you may have missed us bringing out the lions:

-Andy McKellar took on comparisons between our own SFL3 title and Queen of the South's romp through SFL2.

-Ross McAdam gave us Stewies latest marks.

-And in the same vain, Peter Ewart reminded us that football supporters deserve better.

-The Andys McKellar and McGowan both looked for some stability as Green hit the rocks.

-Shane told you Chris McKenzie wasn't real, then told those behind it to stop, then just got sick of it and let the Club and police handle it as necessary.

-Andy McGowan casted Craig Whyte: The Movie.

-Shane again, solving the mystery of where nearly 15,000 fans got off to in October.

-Pamela talked to Jig.

-Scott Semple dropped by to let you know about their upcoming tourny.

-We followed up TRS's Imran exclusive.

-Alan Clark talked about the true champions of the campaign, the Rangers family.

-And we churned out CROpods 15-18.

Hopefully an easier month ahead in May, kicking off with our celebration at Ibrox on the weekend and the Legends game against Manchester United on the Monday.

Either way, we'll keep going here at the CRO. Thanks again for all your support.

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