29 June 2013

For our friend Alister, in memoriam

by Shane Nicholson & James Donaldson

As many of you know a good friend and top member of the Rangers community passed away last weekend. Alister Campbell was a friend to many, a lot of whom never had the pleasure to meet him, and I count myself among them.

Alister was for a time a behind-the-scenes member of the CRO: proof reader and editor, bit of a researcher, man to bounce ideas off, a loyal reader of the site and listener to the CROpod. I remember being a bit annoyed one day that I couldn't give him a decent answer about our iTunes problems. I like to think the pod was a little bit of enjoyment for him over the past months we've been doing it. I never met the man, but I'll miss him.

James Donaldson got to know Al in his time with Seventy2 Mag. In our discussions of how to best honor the memory of our friend, I asked James to pen a brief remembrance of Alister:

As a pettifogging pedant of all things Rangers and Arsenal, Alister was an active contributor to a number of magazines, online fanzines, websites and more. 
He was a living Rangers-and-Arsenal encyclopedia. He knew everything, and if he couldn’t answer any question on the spot, he would have a book, a magazine, or a newspaper cutting to remind him. 
Although he was perhaps a bit of an acquired taste, the more you got to know him, the more you liked him! His humorous and quirky online persona was popular with many from within both online communities, and his passing was met with great sorrow by anyone that knew him, or knew of him. 
Without doubt, Alister will be sorely missed by both communities. 
A Teddy Bear, a Gooner, a friend.

The CRO reached out to a number of sites in the Rangers and Arsenal communities over the past week or so to come up with a way to best remember Alister and hopefully do some good at the same time.

He and his family chose a charity for his memorial, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, and after a bit of deliberation we all felt it best to simply direct everyone who would wish to take part in this little drive in honor of our friend to donate to their cause.

Please, take a moment, visit their donation page, and toss in a bit for a man who meant so much to so many people. A link will also be on the right side of the CRO homepage for the next couple weeks so please, feel free to direct anyone that way who wishes to take part.

Our best wishes and prayers go out to Alister's family in this time. We can't imagine what they're going through but we hope this stands as a small token in his memory.

God speed, Alister. You will be missed.


  1. lovely words god bless Alister a football man.

  2. I got to know Alister via Twitter and as well as having some serious discussions we could have a laugh at some of the morons attached to Scottish football, in particular some over the top fanatics of Rangers & Celtic. I have a great deal of respect for a guy who loves his club , Alister certainly loved his Rangers and his Arsenal. I never had the pleasure of meeting the man but can safely say we would have got on as we both had a great passion in life, football even though both of us support rival clubs that would never have been a barrier for us becoming friends. A sad loss. Respect. Well written Shane & James.


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