23 June 2013

Why we fight the battle, the Neymar edition

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

My how the bullshit doth flow when it comes to Rangers, no?

From the mind of the ill boy who thinks he is Irish there has been spawned a whole generation of Twitterbots and bloggers looking for any morsel of dirt they can possibly find on Rangers Football Club. The lesson is simple: even without facts, if you say something enough it eventually becomes "true."

How many administration events have we been on the brink of in their minds? How many times have we heard our bank account is teetering? Remember how Lord Nimmo Smith was surely going to strip our titles? Remember how the SPL, SFA, SFL, ECA, UEFA, ASA and any other independent body were going to finally show the world that WE'RE DEID? Still waiting, lads.

What this has done though is create a world in which you can just say whatever you want about Rangers and someone somewhere will believe it. Case in point, a Mr Tom Kershaw writing on Neymar last year at the website The Hollowverse, a blog about the "religions and political views of the influentials." [sic]

The premise of the article is that Neymar is Roman Catholic, although any interview he's given which mentions his religion points to his being an evangelist. Strike one, Tom.

But then we get to this, why we're here discussing it on the CRO:

Furthermore, while Neymar believes all religions should be treated with respect, he’s pretty upset with institutions that aren’t kind to Catholics. Speaking of the Scottish soccer club, the Glasgow Rangers–who didn’t allow Catholics to play for them for a time–Neymar said:

'I am no angel, but I respect all religions. But this is not the case with many people in Scotland. Scotland has problems because the rangers fans hate anything Catholic. Rangers refused to play Catholic players for many years and they [were] fined by UEFA for racist chants. There is no place for racism in football.'

Whew, Neymar coming out hard on Rangers there. Except of course it's simply not true, not only its content, as well all know, but the very quote itself. You want to take a stab as to where Tom found this gem? Probably won't need too many guesses.

Tom's bulletproof quote here came from a 1 April post on the Talk Celtic website. If you Google any passage of it you'll get three hits: Tom's article, a Rangers Media thread from 2012, and the Talk Celtic page it originated from. Key word: "originated." Neymar never said this anywhere ever. You'd think someone writing on a site that requires citations for research would maybe take a second to verify a damning quote like this from an independent source. Not our boy Tommy, though. An April Fool's Day posting from Talk Celtic was enough for him.

The problem here is that if you pop "neymar religion" into Google this is your number two result. So people have read this scrotum of lies and without giving it a second thought have taken it as fact. It's not. It's heavy heavy bullshit.

This is what their obsession has spawned. Seemingly normal folks a world away like Tom here writing complete nonsense about our Club and in some cases using rather reliable outlets to spread it, much like the website Bleacher Report allowing an unabashed Celtic supporter to take the point on covering Rangers.

You have to be mindful, have to be aware. This is their stock and trade: Say it enough and it becomes true, even if that truth only exists in their warped little minds.

But we'll be here, us and TRS and RM and FF and VB and Bill and all the others online willing to blow the smoke away from your burning piles of horseshit. While you're busy making appeals to the ASA we'll just keep on cracking down your lies, one after another.

And as for Tommy, you may want to get your name off that. Not good for someone trying to make it as a writer in this world to have such a prominent story composed of nothing but made up quotes from heavily biased sources.

Better luck next time, you obsessed weirdos.

Here's the link to the original story, though I don't suggest giving these people the time of day: Hollowverse


  1. Great work. There is a fool at work who just loves all this shit and laps it up all day long.

  2. Every day is All Fools Day for the Obsessed who favour grey and green rugby shirts as their preferred football attire. Rangers then, now and forever!

  3. What confounds me, is that Google are not being contacted by the club, for having this on their search engine. Oh I'm sorry, Google UK are based in Dublin, aren't they? Funny that! If the club don't become active on this, they will rue to regret it.

    The unwashed ones are well known for false victim-hood in Scotland, but now they have an international stage, where weirdos will pick this up. The proliferation of these lies has led us to a state of fear in Scotland, where free-speech has been neutered, and the spirit of free inquiry that the Scottish Enlightenment gave birth to, has been crushed by a radicalised form of pseudo-Irish Catholic Nationalism, which is dressed up in political belief.

    Until Rangers Football Club, (Jim Traynor and Walter Smith, in particular), comprehend what the internet is, and just how powerful it can be, then we are going to see a bombardment of lies against our club, and us, as a support


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