01 July 2013

Your FC Emmen away day guide

Passed along to us by the folks at the RST, here's a guide of what and where and how to do Emmen when you make your way there later this month.

Big thanks to @OnderhetHunebe for putting this together.

Hi Gers fans,

To have you a pleasant stay in our city we have made this guide for you. Hopefully it will help you.

First you need a place to stay of course:


A: Hotel Boerland
Website: http://www.stads-hotelboerland.nl
E-mail: info@stads-hotelboerland.nl
Address: Hoofdstraat 57, Emmen
Distance from city centre: 0 km

B: Van der Valk Hotel
Website: http://www.hotelemmen.nl/nl/
E-mail: emmen@valk.nl
Address: Verlengde Herendijk 50, Nieuw-Amsterdam
Distance from city centre: 8.7 km

C: Hampshire Hotel
Website: http://www.hampshire-hotels.com/hampshire-hotel-emmen
E-mail: info.emmen@hampshire-hotels.com
Address: Van Schaikweg 55, Emmen
Distance from city centre: 0.5 km

D: Hotel ten Cate
Website: www.hoteltencate.nl
Address: Noordbargerstraat 44, Emmen
E-mail: info@hoteltencate.nl
Distance from city centre: 1 km


E: Centre Parcs
Website: http://www.centerparcs.com/EN/GB/villages/sandur
Address: Sandurdreeft 5, Emmen
E-mail: http://www.centerparcs.com/EN/GB/content/Send_an_email
Distance from city centre: 8.8 km


F: Mini Camping ‘de Emmerdennen’ (has also an appartment)
Website: www.emmerdennen.nl
E-mail: emmerdennen@gmail.com
Address: Oude Roswinkelerweg 118
Distance from city centre: 3 km

Where to eat and drink in the centre of Emmen?

If you walk through the city center there are enough restaurants to eat. So we only name the ones close to the stadium:

G: Good Fellas
H: Las Vegas

Where to drink/go out? There are some pubs and clubs.


I: Eurocafe
J: Fransche Kroon
K: Bolle Jan
L: Café Bar Emmen
M: Café Rue de la Gare
N: Groothuis
O: De Markant


P: De Brasserie
Q: De Zwetser
R: Club Senza (Striptease club)

If you want to go to the whores: ask a taxi driver to go to club pretty women. If you need weed, then ask someone where Coffeeshop Ankara or Coffeeshop Cheers is. (They are both closed after midnight).

How to get to the stadium?

Public transport, from the bus and train station (S) to the stadium (T):

Bus 2 (to Angelslo) – Ask the driver to stop as close to the stadium as possible.
Bus 26 (to Coevorden) – Stop at the bus stop: Wimbledon
Bus 43 (to Klazienaveen) – Stop at the bus stop: Boerschaplaan

Some maps to help you around (click to zoom)

Brought to you by the biggest FC Emmen fansite, www.onderhethunebed.nl.

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