13 August 2013

Make a difference

by Ross McAdam | Contributor

The 14th February 2012. A day that no Rangers fan will ever forget. The club we all love was plunged into administration after the crook that is Craig Whyte deliberately stopped paying PAYE. A truly embarrassing period in the club's incredible 141-year history and something no-one wants to experience again.

Let me make this clear. Rangers are on the brink. AGAIN. All the warning signs are apparent; £22million spent in eight months, extremely high salaries from the boardroom to the management staff and the players. An embarrassing boardroom scrap alongside several leeches that are happy to take outrageous salaries out the club and believe it or not even the audacity to try and sue the club ‘he cares about’. Aye right.

The only people who care about Rangers Football Club are us, the fans. Time and time again we fund the club with absolutely no say in the way the club is run. At a time when we need to be united I cannot recall a time when the support has been more divided. There should be no ‘Team Green’ or ‘Team McColl’, the only team is Rangers. We can only look at the facts that are in front of us and they are very distressing. The accounts, if they come out in the next few weeks as we have been told are going to be shocking.
The amount of stick bloggers get on Twitter and forums is incredible.

Let me say this, I write for the Copland Road Organization simply because I get to express my feelings on Rangers, something I love doing. There are no agendas, nobody trying to get jobs at Rangers or people making any money. I don’t claim to be any bigger a Rangers fan than anybody else. I love the club as much as the next Bear. However, some of the things being seen on Twitter are completely embarrassing. We need to unite as a support and reclaim our club.

Personally, I’m a big supporter of fan ownership but realistically that is miles away. Although I must admit the Rangers Supporters Trust (RST) are making many strides to become more transparent and accountable, something that our board should take note at. Furthermore the RST is a democratic process so if there is a reason that you won’t join them why not sign up and try and make a change as I did last year. Fans own around 10% of the club but individually that is worthless in terms of votes. As a proxy we would become a major player. Just have a think about it.

The least we can do at the moment though is joining as one through various means and demand accountability from the boardroom. It was pleasing to see Mather, Hart, Traynor, Stockbridge and McCoist answer questions in front of fans at Ibrox last Thursday but it now appears that Stockbridge at a minimum stretched the truth over the club’s finances at it. Again, no accountability.

The priority for the club at the moment is getting a strong board filled with strong, reputable businessmen. Frank Blin fits straight into that category and I’d suggest it would be a massive coup for Rangers if he was placed on the board at the upcoming EGM, which is looking more likely by the day. The second priority is getting more money into the club. Where that will come from is a mystery at the moment. Can the fans really be expected or have the capability to put more money into the club? Probably not. Therefore it seems likely that further investment will have to come from an outside source and other than Dave King there does not appear to be anybody else waiting in the wings. 

One thing is for certain, nobody in their right mind would invest in the club in its current state. Let's stand and make a difference.

Love you some CRO? Can't get enough Crazy Daniel and Rapey Stu? Well, if you fancy it, chip in and give us a hand.

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  1. McMurdo has posted that Ahmad has offered to re-invest the money. He has also stated that the suit is for bonus money as a result of business deals. In other words, financial performance based not football performance based bonuses - exactly what the fans have been demanding.

    If he has negotiated deals to bring in £67million into our club then as far as I'm concerned take the bonus and congratulations - you earned it.

    I personally like to form my opinions based on evidence - ie what is and has been. I have spent plenty of time arguing my case over the past few weeks about why I support what Green has done and is trying to do. The problem I find is that those on the other side tend to speculate and focus on what may be, rather than what is. For instance, talk of administration. This has come from Dave King - a man with no connection to the board and no access to the books. In what way is he reliably enough informed of these things as to make that kind of accusation? He may be right he may be wrong - we don't know, so we can't really treat it as evidence.

    Reports in the media and beyond of all of the share money being spent, and the resultant panic and accusations that follow. The important question is: where has this money gone? Do I know? Do you know? Does Dave King know? I really don't think so. We can all speculate but until the finances are made public we simply can't make any kind of determination as to the guilt or wrongdoing of any group or individuals. For all we know Ibrox could have been on the verge of collapse.

    I think it's important all of the doom mongerers take note of their own advice and wait and see. Only when the evidence is there can we use it, and only when something 'is' can we treat it as fact. If you say "Charles Green will do this, Imram Ahmad will do that, they will lead us to administration etc." you may be right, but equally you may be wrong. There is simply not enough evidence to treat as fact something that hasn't happened yet. What is to say McColl, Paul Murray and co. won't be a bunch of greedy "charlatans," out to take what they can get? Because thy are "Rangers men?" Sorry but that term is far too vague and meaningless to carry any weight.

    To finish off on fact rather than speculation: When the club was on its knees and facing death was it the "Rangers men" who stepped up with a serious, thought out and scrutinised bid to buy the club or was it Green's group? Was it the "Rangers men" who stumped up the cash and put in a bid in good time or was it Green's group? This is not something that should be ignored or dismissed as not very relevant. This is evidence.


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