10 October 2013

It's CROpod Midweek #6!!!

Shane and James are back with your Midweek edition of the CROpod to discuss overhead kicks, where does David Templeton find himself, the Loan Watch, away tactics, answer a few of your questions, and then get out of here in well under the span of the regular show.

And the download link.

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  1. I could see this issue with the SFA coming a mile off. It's pretty obvious that Dave King's suitability as a Director/Chairman is going to be used by Regan and Lawell as a stick to beat us with. If anyone has nay doubts they might do this, let's remember that this organisation resorted to blackmail, for us to accept an illegal punishment. The same people who sit on the SFA boards are among those of the now defunct SPL board, who were only too willing to rifle our pockets when we were looking for compassion.

    I expect that whoever controls our club at the time, they will sell us down the river, again. Until our club is led by ethics and values that reflect the support, we will be treated like we don't exist, until it comes to season ticket renewal.

    I welcome Dave King's input, and his financial contribution, but we can't allow our clubs commercial value to be hijacked again by the men with green ties in the corridors of Hampden.

    We know who they are, and what they are.


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