04 October 2013

Requisitioners' Statement

Following today's Court of Session hearing, a spokesman for the requisitioning shareholders said:

"We are delighted with today's hearing and we look forward to having the opportunity of establishing the validity of our proposed director nominations on Monday 14 October at the full hearing.

"In the meantime we would ask shareholders to firstly DO NOTHING until it is clear what they are being asked to vote upon at the AGM and secondly note the actions of this Board of Directors who seem hell bent on putting up every legal and technical blockage to our nominations.

"Why are they so scared of a vote if they have all the shareholder support they claim to have? It is ridiculous that we are forced into going to the Court of Session in order to give the shareholders a democratic vote at the AGM. 

"The stalling tactics of this Board are indicative of why the shareholders felt compelled to make these ‎requisitions in the first place."

1 comment:

  1. Will the board come out and say how much all this legal action is costing the club. After all they wanted the EGM to be rolled into the AGM to save costs. Seems like they're now using the EGM saved costs to hire lawyers to stop the whole purpose of the EGM


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