04 November 2013

CROpod Iffy

A rather contentious and highly annoying CROpod sees Shane, Andy, Chris and Marcus breakdown the 3-0 win from Friday, discuss Traynor's exit, the board's ideological war against, well, everyone, a slew of AskAndys, and some more info about WATP Magazine.

And the download link.

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  1. Great podcast again. It would be good if all the podcasts worked out so that there was one to listen to every day of the week. Since there's unlikely to be a Rangers radio at the moment, then the fans have an opportunity to fill that place in the market.

    I'm pleased that Malcolm Murray is speaking out on Talksport today, and it's been picked up by the Evening Times. I would caution him on linking us again with Celtic.

    I think the Rangers brand is better off on it's own, because there is a stigma that comes up whenever we are linked to them. We all know what I'm referring to.

    Murray is right about the potential growth, but the raping of our club is going to result in a massy court case. What we've witnessed is asset stripping, and it is going to take someone as good as Christian Purslow to sort it out. The first thing that people must realise, is that anyone's they spend on our merchandise isn't gaur entered to go to the running of Rangers. I am waiting till we get rid of this lot before I hand over money for things like RTV or potential money spinners like a membership scheme.

    It is simply seen as an endorsement of the way out club is being run. I was on the terracing throughout the 80's, and I've seen what it took before David Holmes brought revolution.

    We have to ensure there is another Blue Revolution in the 21st Century - starting at the AGM.


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