16 December 2013

CROpod pre-Rangers AGM Special

In your newest CROpod, Shane is joined by Alan, Chris, Peter and Ross to breakdown the off-field shenanigans of the past week during this build up to Thursday's AGM. A bit of light relief with AskEwart follows before we toss out the AGM predictions in lieu of any sort of football going on.

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  1. It's pretty simple, if the institutional investors still can't see that we, the customers, have a problem, then it is time to hit them in the pocket.

    The fans clearly don't have any trust in the board, and the only option left open is militant action, through disengagement.

    Not everyone will do it, but it's s personal choice, between continuing to fund a board that are a proxy for Charles Green, or keep your money and wait till they get the message.

    They only talk to the supporters face to face when they want our money. Until Stockbridge is removed, and his bodyguard David Somers (independent, my arse), then there will be not on only no trust, but no respect for the board.

    If they truly want to turn the business around, then listen to the customers. If they don't, then the customers must make them listen by hitting them in the pocket.

    I understand, that for some of us the idea of boycott is a dirty word, but answer me this, Has protests in the stadium worked?

    Has Laxey Partners or Mike Ashley changed their mind? All that has happened is that Laxey got bought off with a board position. This is what Laxey do. They gain power with a small investment. You can be sure that they will gain financially from this, and we'll be the mugs who pay for it.

    The Sports Direct deal is a stitch up. Rangers get pittance from it. If Mike Ashley wants to prop up the board then that's his choice, but it is also a consumer choice to shop at another department, and what they want to buy.

    Perhaps Mr Ashley needs to be persuaded that he's backing the wrong horse.

    Singing and holding up cards is all find and well, but they aren't listening, because it isn't hitting them financially.


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