05 December 2013

It's CROpod Midweek #9!!!

Shane and James are back for the Midweek show to discuss Arnie Peralta, the re-appearance of Fraser Aird, what's going to happen with Shiels and Cribari, a report from Wednesday's U20 match and some other odds and ends.

And the download link.

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  1. For a Rangers Chairman to put his name to such an infantile statement, which is essentially a personal attack on Paul Murray, is embarrassing to the club.

    It's the sort of statement regularly released by Craig Whyte and Charles Green, and for a professional man to release it in the context of a highly charged upcoming AGM, is simply pathetic, and the signs of a desperate man.

    Of course, we all know who the true author was, but for this 'independent?' chairman to actually put his name at the bottom is the biggest gaffe in PR history.


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