04 December 2014

The End of a Tired Journey

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

"For the third season in a row, Rangers crash out of the Challenge Cup."

It's a line that's quite difficult to sink in. Last night, on the 89th minute, thousands of heads dropped in unison - another battering to Rangers' already severely depleted reputation was complete. An unforgivably comfortable 2-0 lead thrown away, but the worst part? Nobody seemed particularly surprised and - although embarrassing - it isn't even Rangers' biggest concern.

Even before the lead was thrown away last night, there was an eery atmosphere around Recreation Park last night. From the first minute Rangers were flat and completely devoid of ideas. It was a first half plagued with lethargy and if anything, the team was lucky they didn't fall behind within the 45 minutes. However, for once, the fans didn't respond. There was no rallying cry, no chanting and not even a great deal of anger purveyed. It was all just too familiar - fans know this is the norm under Ally McCoist, and even a scraped win wouldn't have covered the cracks.

01 December 2014

UOF Statement re: Rangers' Retail Contracts

"Since the release of the accounts for RIFC PLC, the focus has rightly been on the almost immediate requirement for more cash simply to pay bills and also the board’s wish to raise £8m in equity finance despite recently turning down a valid, fully funded offer for £16m. However, having had the accounts analysed by qualified accountants, we feel it is important to bring Rangers fans’ attention to the absolutely disgraceful reality of the retail deal which has been entered into with Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct.

20 November 2014

CROpod's Cheating Heart

The CROpod returns to mark its two-year anniversary with Shane, Alan, Alex, Cads and Dunbar to break down some pretty mediocre football, statements galore, boardroom discotheques, a very special CROquiz #3, answer some of your questions, talk about expectations for this weekend's match up with Hearts, and then mosey on down the way.

11 November 2014

Remembrance Day

God bless our men and women who gave their lives for our own, the strong who stood when called upon.

We go on due to their braveness. We sustain because of their sacrifice.

We remember them today.

29 October 2014

We Deserve Better

by Danny Johnstone | Guest Contributor

Cast your mind back to January 2009 – yes, nearly six whole agonising years ago – when the 'We Deserve Better' campaign was launched voicing fans concerns for the leadership of the Club.

David Murray retaliated with the following: "The people who are moaning and making most of the noise are not exactly captains of industry," said Murray. "They don't have vast experience in business. I don't see any solutions being put forward by them." Whilst this suited Murray’s usual stance of absolving himself of any blame, along with keeping fans in the dark, he was correct.

The Club was virtually up for sale from 2006 and fan ownership was barely on the minds of most. Whether or not we had the capacity to mount a bid back then is a query we will never have the answer to but that may have been the perfect opportunity… it all sounds great in hindsight, though, particularly when the Club was pawned off to Craig Whyte for a measly quid.

23 October 2014

The Rangers Badge Mystery

by Alex Oliver | Contributor

Dave King’s statement tonight launched a scathing critique of what he believed to be obstructions in his attempt to seek control of Rangers Football Club. 

Something which jumped out at me more than anything was the following part: "...given the present concerns from supporters that Mr Ashley is using his shareholder status to put pressure on the board to alienate the rights and trade mark of the club in favour of his personal interest." 

It got me thinking, something in this area has changed since the beginning of the season. The observant will have noticed the 'scroll crest' has now taken precedence over the traditional 'Ready' crest. 

Given all that has gone on and various whispers of image rights and naming rights being sold for a pittance, it would surely be naïve to suggest that it is simply re-branding. I have collated several examples of where things have changed.

Dave King Statement re Rangers Negotiations

It is appropriate that I give feedback to the Rangers fans before departing for South Africa.

Over the last few weeks Paul Murray, George Letham and myself have constructively engaged the Rangers board and (at the request of the board) Sandy Easdale regarding our proposal to invest 16 million into the club as soon as is practically possible. When investing in any public company there are numerous regulatory and compliance requirements that have to be dealt with. There are also SFA compliance issues that arise when investing in a football club in Scotland.

An obvious further complication in Rangers case is the seeming lack of authority of the Rangers board to make decisions without reference to key shareholders who appear to be “the power behind the throne”.

09 October 2014

08 October 2014

Never a Dull Day Round Ibrox Way

by Ross McAdam | Contributor

Another day, another new drama in the Rangers story. We awoke to the news this morning that Mike Ashley, through his investment vehicle MASH holdings has called an EGM to remove Graham Wallace and Philip Nash from their positions. 

I suspect that Ashley won’t be forthcoming on his reasons for this move given he very rarely talks to the media. It is an open secret that the boardroom at Ibrox is split and that this move will remove the two individuals who appear to favour investment from Dave King whilst the Easdale proxy, including Blue Pitch and Margarita, appear to favour investment from Mike Ashley.

07 October 2014

Rangers-stupid Blogger Memes, Ranked

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

You've read them all, or maybe you haven't. Hopefully you haven't.

But the Donegal Axis of Cunt® and their similarly ill-informed counterparts, with shortarse PR men sources in common, waxing poetic about anything Rangers have given us some absolutely ridiculous metaphors and themes over the past few years.

Here's the comprehensive ranking of stupidity in Rangers' writing available in the darkest corners of the interwebs:

Once, There Was a Donkey...

by Chris Graham | Contributor

Once, there was a donkey.

The donkey was content roaming around, being a donkey, but we here at the CRO felt that the donkey needed a home so we took it in, sheltered it, fed it lovely carrots and for a while the donkey was happy. But the donkey had a bit of an ego and the donkey was a bit gullible. The donkey believed in sky fairies and money trees and it soon became apparent that the donkey and the rest of the CRO stable could not get along.

A Club Missing a Footballing Philosophy

by John McIntosh | Guest Contributor

The Rangers Football Club of today is a club who plan as far ahead as the next game. Ally McCoist has told us many times there are reasons he doesn’t feel he can plan ahead for the future but nothing should be halting the much needed development of our once great club.

Ally said in an interview that he wishes us to follow Ajax or Porto’s model, which I agree with, I just don’t believe he ever believed what he was saying as his actions in his tenure prove he doesn’t trust youth enough whilst we have no scouts - which is a disgrace.

In the backwaters of Scottish football we simply can’t compete with the extravagant spending that happens at the top clubs in Europe’s top leagues due to TV rights and prize money.

02 October 2014

Just Why Did Ashley Increase His Stake in RFC?

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

When Mike Ashley's name was first mentioned as an investor in RIFC, it took many by surprise.

From the bright lights of the Premiership and Newcastle United, what coaxed him to participate in Rangers' IPO back in December 2012? Where was the interest coming from to involve himself with Charles Green and co?

However, with the use of hindsight, it has become very clear as to what Mike Ashley had his eyes set on, and it is now evident that he has possibly been the smartest player in this game of Monopoly: Rangers Edition.

CROpod Actually Seriously

We're back with another edition of everyone's favorite Rangers' podcast to hate or love. Probably hate.

Shane, Chris, Garry and Alex talk about what happened with Hibs, how that sort of stuff keeps happening, who bought those shares, what is Daniel Stewart up to, where does Phil get off using 9/11 imagery to discuss Monday's much, who stole the cupcakes, what is Bill even talking about anymore, provide some business ideas for the Albion, answer some of your questions, and then get out the door, all in just under two hours.

25 September 2014


The CROpod returns, and as we count down our two-year anniversary we intro the show with a Classic CROpod Moment with our good friend from Candialand, Mr Ross EJ Hendry. Past that, Shane, Peter, Garry and Alex break down the last couple matches, post-IPO, fan ownership, answer your questions, talk some referendum, and mosey on the way.

24 September 2014

Rangers Board Members, Ranked

We know it can be hard to keep up with the behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealings within the Rangers boardroom. Hell, even we have difficulty in remembering just who is in charge sometimes, what with phantom madey up boards allowing for people to wear club ties and show up in the Directors' Box or on the stage at the AGM.

So, with that in mind, here's our wholly scientific and 100 percent accurate rankings of the current members of the many boards at Ibrox. Print this off and keep it as a handy reference for the upcoming AGM, just in case any relevant special resolutions were to pop up.

6. Alexander Easdale*

    6a. Rafat Rizvi**

5. David 'Ludicrous Rumours' Somers

4. Hodor

3. Norman 'Investment committee? What investment committee?' Crighton

2. Graham Wallace

1. Philip Nash (?)

*Madey up board only
**Figment of our collective imagination

18 September 2014

CROpod Saves the Union

It's your NFSE version of the CROpod, straight out of a wind tunnel and into your headphones as you wait to cast your vote on Thursday morning. Shane, Chris and Alan talk about a few weeks of football, Alexander's meandering story line, Hodor, Mike Ashley's piggy bank, currency exchange rates, and the pluses and minuses of owning a black leather(?) jacket.

11 September 2014

The Dangerous Game

by Graham Taylor | Guest Contributor

Crunch time.

In just under 24 hours’ time, we should have some clarity as to how long the stricken Rangers International Football Club plc can limp along for. If the Open Offer of shares is fully subscribed, Rangers should have enough to get them to the 2014 AGM where a motion will be tabled to disapply the pre-emption rights which were voted down at the previous year’s meeting, allowing for a far larger tranche of shares to be released. If not then the club, simply put, won’t have the funds to pay its way, leaving the financing options available limited and likely to the long-term detriment of the club.

09 September 2014

Chasing Sandy

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

We've spent no small amount of time wondering just what Sandy Easdale is getting at. All this time later and we're still woefully short of answers, other than he's one of those that really doesn't care for the CEO very much.

Whether it's denying the existence of Jack Irvine's influence only to turn up with him at shipyards, or inventing Beirut based lawyers out of whole cloth, most of the time ventures down from his post on the football board to get behind a microphone we're left with far more questions than answers.

Your CRO SPFL League One Champs Memorabilia Auction

We're back with a couple more items to auction off for charity, but we're going to do it just a bit differently this time so pay attention. First, the items donated to us by a good friend of the site.

An Umbro RFC-branded football signed by last year's SPFL League One winning side:

And a 2013/14 home shirt signed by the same squad:

You can bid on one or both, whatever you choose, but here's how you have to do it:

Rules and What not

To place your bid for the blind auction, send an email by 9 p.m. Friday, 19 September with "CRO Auction" as the subject to auction@thecoplandroad.org with the following details:

  • The item(s) you are bidding on and your maximum bid for the piece(s). (If you are bidding on both please be sure to list them separately.)
  • Your name, phone number and mailing address.
And that's it! If you are the winner we will contact you via email following the auction to finalize details. Our last auction featuring a card signed by the 1972 Cup Winners' Cup team raised £600 for charity and hopefully we can get somewhere near that again.

Also, if you are the winner and would be interested in a display setting for your piece (or maybe you own something already that you'd like done up a bit) get in touch with our friends Fanatikool Furnishings who do some great work.

That's all. Good luck and happy bidding, friends!

05 September 2014

What Was Mike Ashley's Preferred PR Firm Invoicing Rangers For?

A PR firm which acts for Mike Ashley at Newcastle has invoiced Rangers for fees despite doing no obvious work for the club.

Keith Bishop Associates (KBA) are closely linked to Ashley and list Newcastle Utd as a client on their website. It is understood that Charles Green claimed to Ibrox staff that KBA were retained as part of the Sports Direct retail deal.

The invoice below, along with others over what is believed to have been an initial 16-18 month deal, was received by perplexed Rangers employees who queried it. They were told by then Finance Director, Brian Stockbridge, that invoices from KBA had to be paid despite no explanation being provided about what work KBA had done for Rangers.

04 September 2014

Four Men Had a Dream. Why Can't We?

By Andy McKellar | Contributor

Rangers Football Club: the dream that became a reality.

The Gallant Pioneers, who launched our proud institution from the humblest of beginnings, could not possibly have envisaged the true greatness of the gift that they were bestowing upon those future generations who were privileged enough to call themselves Rangers fans.

Words like history, tradition and success are synonymous with our beloved football club and money simply cannot buy the memories that we have accumulated throughout the years of follow following.

The dream however has turned into a nightmare. The values that our club and its supporters hold so dear have been discarded, replaced by cold, corporate greed and financial mismanagement. This is not Mr Struth’s Rangers. This is not the Rangers that we all know and love. 

03 September 2014

Meet The New Boss

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

To some it may seem like a lifetime ago. Since the RIFC AGM at the end of last year, grey hairs have grown, frustration has simply risen, stress balls have taken a pounding - and all to no avail.

However, let's journey back to what people would probably refer to as the saving grace of this time - the appointment and integration of the new Chief Executive, Graham Wallace. The man entered with a certain dignity that his predecessors in the role were bereft of. He spoke well, appeared to dodge few issues and there was an air of honesty that precious incumbents also sorely lacked.

However, rhetoric is as cheap as the paper it's written on, and the best part of a year later, fans are most certainly seeing that. If I was to offer my opinion, I believed - and still do to an extent - that Wallace came in to this job with good intentions. His talk of ending the "bonus culture", however, now looks as empty as anything else that has been said in this whole affair. The club currently sits on the brink of another financial meltdown, yet there is time for another expensive PR man to refuse to comment on whether he'll be taking a performance-related bonus or not.

Remind you of anyone?

01 September 2014

Transfer Deadline Day Open Thread

It's Transfer Deadline Day, and apparently also a day to pick up nearly 3.6 million shares in Rangers.

If you missed the news, two movements of approximately 1.8 million shares in RIFC plc were recorded this morning, each for roughly £455,000. We're still waiting on an announcement to the LSE with details on the transactions but we can tell you the share price have moved up ever so slightly today to a current number of 25.28.

In the more football-related-matters, Lewis Macleod, now linked with everyone from Brighton to Wigan and all points in between, is at Auchenhowie with the Scotland setup prior to setting off for the U21 base. We're going to go ahead and make the bold prediction that our future captain is still with Rangers at the end of the shift.

So what have you heard/what do you know/what info did the taxi driver tell you that he got from his last fare who had it on good authority from his cousin who's an agent? Tell us in the open thread below and we'll come back with any updates as we have them.

(Updates below the jump.)

29 August 2014

Groundhog Day: The Board Calls for Another Share Issue

By Peter Ewart | Contributor

The Rangers Board released a statement in regards to a potential share issue in RIFC plc on the 6th of August and today we have the details.

What is on offer?

A further 19.8m shares in RIFC plc are available through an Open Offer at £0.20 per share, a discount of 21.6% on the 28 August closing price, to all shareholders who held shares at 5 p.m. on the day.

Shareholders can buy 0.30185 new shares for every 1 share currently held, so if you bought 714 shares for £500 at the IPO you can buy 215 new shares at £43.

If all the shares are taken up then there would be 85.6m shares in RIFC plc. Essentially a 23% equity stake in RIFC plc is being offered to existing shareholders for £3.96m.

24 August 2014

Five things we learned from: Clyde & Dumbarton

by Alan Clark | Deputy Editor

After recording a disappointing opening day defeat to Hearts, Rangers stumbled to a 2-0 victory away to Falkirk in the SPFL Championship.

Then, Barry Ferguson's Clyde came calling at Ibrox in the Petrofac Training Cup, leaving Govan with their pride damaged after an 8-1 hammering. On Saturday, Dumbarton were next at Ibrox and again, Rangers played some good football to win 4-1.

Here's five things we learned from the wins over Clyde and Dumbarton...

22 August 2014

CROpod Spirit Quest Journey

Your latest episode of the CROpod has Shane joined by Peter and a season debut from Marcus. Lots of football to discuss, some shipyards, ice bucket challenges, other business. Sadly, the audio for the regular questions segment burned up on the reel and the tape was not salvageable. But hey, the levels finally sound about right.

13 August 2014

CRO/WATP Mag Open Fantasy Premier League

Time's running out to join this year's CRO/WATP Mag Open Fantasy Premier League. Join the fun. Do it. Sign up.

Do it.

Just go ahead and do it.

Seriously, don't make us tell you again.

From the pages of WATP: Bears Abroad

From the pages of the newest WATP Magazine, Shane Nicholson tells his story about the time when Brian Laudrup joined Rangers.

Twenty years have come and gone since the signing of Brian Laudrup and with it the revelation that was Walter’s completion of nine-in-a-row. Finding markers in the lifetime of supporting a club as illustrious as Rangers can be difficult but for me this has always been 0 AD. It’s no wonder the arrival of God at Ibrox laid the marker.
Our own Shane Nicholson joined the last We Welcome the Chase podcast (recorded pre-Hertz). Take a look at 'QPR Star Guitar' here.

12 August 2014

You Talk Some Amount of Shite, Phil: Madey Up McCoist Meeting Edition

By Chris Graham | Contributor

Recently, CRO pulled some of Phil MacGiollabhain’s fantasies apart in a highly amusing article. Whisper it though, the bold Phil has been at it again in an article entitled ‘Regarding Alistair’ which contains less facts than the script of a Harry Potter film. I’ve debated how best to do this but probably best we just work our way through his latest act of fiction.

07 August 2014

Championship preview: A long season ahead

by Alex Oliver | Contributor

I planned to write a really optimistic preview of the forthcoming season, but Tuesday night's slog and eventual victory against the club club has somewhat altered that. There are still glimmers of optimism - or so I’d like to think.

It would appear we have a very long season ahead and my real fear is our manager's tactical ineptness will succumb to the more tactically astute managers in the Championship. 

Conversely, our players are still the most able in the league, and should have enough to just about see us through.

05 August 2014

Guest Match Report: Rangers 2-1 Hibs

We hate writing match reports, so this season we're going to borrow some (with full credit) from premier Scottish football blogs around the net just to make sure our readers get all the up-to-date Rangers info they need.

Today's entry comes via the VitalFootball.co.uk network from an anonymous reporter, doing to good deed for the Vital Hibs loyal as he (She? Definitely a he.) breaks down Rangers 2-1 win over Hibernian Football Club Club.

John Beaton Makes Difference At Ibrox

Hibs might be out of the Petrofac Cup at the first time of asking but the Easter Road outfit can take small comfort from the fact the match was heavily influenced by referee John Beaton who offered the Scottish League's newest club all the benefits associated with their predecessors Glasgow Rangers.

HMRC: Questions to Answer

By Andy McKellar | Contributor

Today’s Daily Record revelations have once again dragged the conduct and behaviour of HM Revenue & Customs into question. As the newspaper revealed, the tax authorities were fully aware of Craig Whyte’s previous declared earnings, or lack thereof, and of the personal guarantees given to Ticketus which resulted in a personal tax liability of £3.74M, which of course went unpaid.

Taking the above information into account, one would be forgiven for thinking that HMRC would be keeping a very close eye on the tax affairs of Rangers Football Club under the stewardship of Whyte, an individual who was clearly on their radar for all the wrong reasons. Their actions however would suggest otherwise.

01 August 2014

Paul Tyrrell: If they were the Khmer Rouge where will you rank us?

By Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Just who is Paul Tyrrell, the ex-Man. City, ex-Liverpool, ex-Everton PR aficionado? A man of many words? A man of many paychecks? A man of the people?

Certainly the first two.

31 July 2014

CROpod How No?

The boys are back with the Mad Canadian himself along for the ride. Shane, Alan, Chris and McAdam are joined by Toronto's finest, Mr Ross EJ Hendry, to discuss the last fixture, what those board statements actually meant, take loads of your questions, discuss some secondhand news, and get on out the door.

24 July 2014

CROpod Artificial Surface

Back for a new episode with some fresh legs as Peter Ewart rejoins Shane, Alan and Alex to talk about the North American tour, the few off the field happenings, raging tims, take some questions, and then get out the door.

22 July 2014

You Talk Some Amount of Shite, Phil

The name Phil MacGiollaBhain will be familiar to many Rangers fans. The self-proclaimed "journalist" is a notorious Rangers hating bigot who regularly refers to you and I as Nazis, racists and 'the Klan' amongst other terms.

His ability to whip his similarly obsessed Celtic fans into a frenzy over Rangers is second to none (and definitely not a ploy simply to generate sales for his book). Phil, or whatever his real name is, claims to have 'excellent sources' within Ibrox and regularly makes claims on his Twitter feed or within his blogs about the Club. Let's have a look at some of them:

21 July 2014

Twenty years on from the day that Brian Laudrup signed we have a special guest to look back on the time God played for the Rangers.

20 July 2014

Five things we learned from: Sacramento vs Rangers

Pic: SNS

by Alan Clark | Deputy Editor

Rangers' pre-season is in full swing now with four friendlies played, from northern Scotland to the west coast of the United States.

Buckie Thistle were on the wrong end of a 3-0 scoreline, before Brora Rangers held the famous to a 1-1 draw on Kris Boyd's second debut in a blue shirt. Ventura County Fusion surprised everybody by punishing a sorry Gers performance with a 3-1 win.

Last night, Ally McCoist put his side up against USL Pro side Sacramento Republic in California, Ian Black's late winner sealing a deserved, yet uninspiring, 2-1 victory.

Here's five things we learned from the match;

18 July 2014

Stick with Mohsni - for now

by Jamie Currie | Guest Contributor

Bilel Mohsni - a player that certainly splits the Rangers support.

He has been under bigger scrutiny since the club has reportedly rejected a bid for his services from UAE-based outfit Baniyas Sports Club, with many fans more than happy for the club to cash in. 

In the current times of financial uncertainty at the club, of course, every player not only at Rangers but also in world football has their price; Moshni is no different. In fact, it’s fair to say that this is the season on which to make a proper judgement on the French-Tunisian.

It's Time for FIFA to Stop Stumbling Through the Haze

Executive Editor Shane Nicholson says the world's governing body needs to lead from the front in dealing with concussion and other brain injuries.

11 July 2014

HMRC - guilty?

by Alan Clark | Deputy Editor

One day, the Rangers supporters will have answers for what has happened to their football club. One day, the individuals responsible will be brought to task and heads will roll.

The timescale for when that day will arrive is unknown.

In a week where it was re-confirmed that Rangers' old company, RFCplc, had administered Employee Benefit Trusts within the confines of tax law, questions are being asked by fans yet again about what has unfolded in the past few years.

Return of the CROpod

After three months off it's the Return of the CROpod as we mark episode number 75 and the beginning of Season 3. Shane is joined by Andy, Alan, Chris and CROpod newcomer Alex to talk... well, to talk. It's a mess but fuck cares. Your CROpod is back.

27 June 2014

Over on the RangersFACTS side, Gary Havlin opens our new series on The Captains with a look at Willie Woodburn – The Lifer.

31 May 2014

Peralta Watch: Goal.com profiles Ale Bedoya

Former Ranger Alejandro Bedoya will feature for the US at the upcoming World Cup. Thomas Floyd profiles the Nantes' star over on Goal.com.

(h/t @Boab10)

17 May 2014

The Charles Green Road Show

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

We already know that certain shareholders are balking at accepting the UoF proposal to CEO Graham Wallace, but what about the moves of former CEO Charles Green?

The CRO has learned Chuck was seeking out new CEO candidates in the US not long ago, and failing that has turned to shedding the Easdales' shareholding to the highest bidder.

16 May 2014

Shareholders blocking potential peace deal?

by Alan Clark | Deputy Editor

Key shareholders in Rangers Football Club are blocking a potential compromise agreement between the board and umbrella supporters' group the Union of Fans, the CRO understands.

15 May 2014

Peace in our time?

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

In many aspects of life, the phrase, 'your own worst enemy' rings true in so many ways.

The ongoing saga at Rangers has this emblazoned over it with a branding iron. For once it isn't the SFA or the media that is the enemy in this - this is a Civil War on a level at which few other football situations could compare. Whether it be an ill-judged sound bite, or just one statement too many, droves of fans are quickly being pushed into an innate state of apathy.

09 May 2014

Ready To Listen - 15 of the best

Rangers chief executive Graham Wallace took to the club's official Twitter account today for a question and answer session with the supporters. We've picked out 15 of the best uses of the hashtag today...

08 May 2014

A summary of all things Rangers

by Scott Ferguson | Guest Contributor

Beware: sarcasm and fantasy to follow. (And no, it's not an official Rangers FC statement.)


There is so much going on at the moment that I thought it would be worthwhile summarising for those that may not be aware of all the happenings in the Rangers world.

02 May 2014

CROpod Mo Edu

For the people who didn't get a chance before, Shane's interview with Maurice Edu is now available as a CROpod special edition.

Dave King: Time to Step Up and Pay

by Andy McKellar | Contributor

It is fair to acknowledge that the Rangers rebuild has proved to be as farcical and shambolic as realistically imaginable. Labelling it a missed opportunity just doesn’t do justice to the levels of negligence, exploitation and incompetence that we’ve witnessed since the beginning of our lower league journey.

In an ideal world we would have used our demotion to learn from the mistakes of the past and to develop a business and football strategy into a model which would see our dominance of Scottish football return upon our promotion to the top-flight. But, alas, Rangers now operate under circumstances which are so imperfect that at times you find yourself wondering just how such chaos is possible.

25 April 2014

He Stood By Us...

The CRO would like to wish our best to the family of one of the greats to ever pull on the shirt, Sandy Jardine. A man who honoured our Club with his presence on the pitch and who worked tirelessly for us well past his playing days.

He was Rangers, and always will be. We will miss you, endlessly.

17 April 2014

CRO Advance: Stenhousemuir

By Peter Ewart | Contributor

Of all the places Bears have ended up on our journey back, Stenhousemuir this weekend will be the most familiar. Two visits to the artificial surface at Ochilview to play tenants East Stirlingshire last year has been followed by three visits this season.

11 April 2014

We'll keep this short...

Simply, who prepared this statement and are they being paid by the members of "the Board of Rangers Football Club" or the Club itself?

09 April 2014

CROpod East Fife

CROpod's back to stave off your withdrawals. Shane, Peter, Chris and Marcus talk about something that happened last Sunday, Ally's reign and broken records, season ticket renewals, fan membership schemes, eulogize the passing of a legend and then get on out.

08 April 2014

Exclusive: CRO talks with Maurice Edu

Shane Nicholson had a chance to sit down with Maurice Edu in Chicago last weekend for a talk about his return to MLS, the difficult decision to leave Rangers, memories of teammates, THAT goal and more.

McCoist's Last Stand

by Alan Clark | Deputy Editor

Sunday's Ramsdens Cup Final defeat to Raith Rovers was an extremely hard kick to the gonads of every Rangers supporter.

Despite the cup not being an important one in the grand scheme of things, it was one that everyone expected Rangers to win comfortably – especially given the fact that Queen of the South knocked them out at the quarter-final stage last season, denying a clean sweep of the trophies whilst the club is in the lower leagues.

Performances in League One in the past few months have been dire to say the least. Most of the squad seems content to turn up at the weekend, saunter about the pitch without putting in the required effort expected in a blue jersey and then go home again. Why? There's two parts to this answer.

Ally's 'Emotional Intelligence'

by Alex Oliver | Contributor

For a while I’ve wanted to apply some of my psychology degree to Rangers - it was made harder by the fact I have not done any great deal in the way of sports psychology. I now have the chance, although I’m not exactly pleased about it!

There is a growing notion in psychology that there are multiple intelligences; that is there’s something more than IQ. One of the proposed additional intelligences is called ‘Emotional Intelligence’. In simple terms, it is intelligence for gauging one’s own emotions and emotions of others. Moreover, this impacts upon how an individual behaves- they can behave in an appropriate way and in a manner which will not upset others.

31 March 2014

And Colin Stein Scores!

by D'Artagnan | Guest Contributor

My gran wasn't too impressed with Colin Stein. Nothing to do with the player himself of course, but everything to do with the grandson who muddied himself on her back green in Anniesland trying to emulate the great man's latest goal every Saturday. The following day being Sunday, there was no way she would take her grandson to church looking anything less than respectful and appropriate for The Lord's House.

26 March 2014

Alexander Easdale Will Have His Revenge on Mountain View

By Dail Carnayegay | Guest Contributor

Having successfully defeated the social networkz by vanquishing the evil Zuckerberg and stealing the gold from his lair – and in turn taking over the contract on the Facebook campus bus route – Alexander ‘Sandy’ Easdale has chosen his next target. And this time it’s Stanford serious.

It’s Sandy Easdale v Google.

(Editor’s note: Google search can and will bring different results tailored to your individual ways and lifestyle choices, so some of you may care to give this a miss lest you find some videos we really don’t want to see passed around the Internet)

Let’s imagine you have some spare time on your short commute and wish to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi on your McGill’s bus. You think to yourself, “I’d like to find out some more about Mr. Sandy Easdale.”

24 March 2014

Peralta Watch: 'Report: Qatar's World Cup Expected To Take More Lives Than 9/11'

Today's Peralta Watch points you over to Deadspin and Tom Ley's summary of the International Trade Union Confederation's visits and reports on the horrific working conditions for labourers in Qatar. Expect FIFA to respond with a paper-thin statement once next month's unmarked brown envelope arrives in the post.

And you should definitely read the response from Paul Hughes, Head of International Media Relations for the Supreme Committee of Delivery & Legacy (basically Qatar's even more shit version of Jack Irvine, if you can imagine) to Tom's article.

CROpod Defamatory

A rather dragging edition of the CROpod finds Shane, Chris, Peter and Marcus searching in vain for something to get passionate about. Football, suing fans, Kris Boyd, suing other people, Stephen Thompson, more lawsuits, just the usual fare for your Monday.

And don't forget to hop over to rangersfacts.thecoplandroad.org and read Gary Havlin's excellent piece on the signing of Davie Cooper.

23 March 2014

Boyd and Beyond

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

If they say a week is a long time in politics, then a year is like a lifetime in football.

Just over a year ago, Kris Boyd was finished. After a memorable spell at Rangers, his stock was high. What you saw was what you got with Kris Boyd, but his record had many clubs sniffing around. However, spells in England, Turkey and America followed with little success. It was a career that had hit the buffers, and any talk of a return to Ibrox was generally met with apathy.

21 March 2014

Minor Controversy Creates Maximum Cash

by Thomas Simpson | Guest Contributor

Major sporting events heavily rely on the promotion of their product. Professional wrestling organisations such as the WWE are a prime example as they are masters of creating hype. This market has a particular advantage as everything is scripted. A creative team is responsible for planning a narrative that gets people interested. The feuds are orchestrated to create as much tension as possible; the aim to turn the audience’s attention into profit.

Legitimate sporting events are also good at this as boxing and MMA shows make a fortune from it. They expect the fighters to trash talk and simulate hatred for each other to build-up the bout. Customers want to see animosity between the competitors – now the same rules apply to the world of football. They all have the same goal, convince people to part with their money.