29 January 2014

Your thoughts: Lee Wallace to be sold for £1.4m

We asked you your opinion on the rumour of Lee Wallace being sold for £1.4m. Here are some responses:

And finally...


  1. I posted this on the facebook page but I'll paste in in here too for the sake of discussion:

    I had to go back and re-read again to be sure but Graham Wallace said in his Q&A with the Record that "we are looking to next season and the season beyond that".

    Selling Lee Wallace now would be very much a case of short term gain, papering over the cracks of the present. As was mentioned on the latest pod there are other areas that can very easily be trimmed to make some substantial savings because a 30% player wage to turnover on our current ability to drive revenue isn't a bad thing.

    Cut costs by selling off or releasing the dead wood in the playing staff, being rid of toxic and unnecessary entities like Jack Irvine and whatever other media people who earn from us in return for no work done. Not to mention the likes of the Blackthorn deal which was only a 1 year deal right? We should hopefully be able to raise a better sponsorship deal this time around.

    Another idea which Man Utd have done and now I think Arsenal in the last couple of days, the possibility of having a separate sponsor for club training gear. I see a lot of fans with the training tops etc. so it could be possible to leverage that among potential sponsors.

  2. I would rather see investment being brought in, and retaining valuable assets like Wallace, than conducting a fire sale because the board lied to investors in December. It's clear that the books are in a fuckin' mess, and that Wallace has been warned not to go to Dave King, just like Mather was. This board are again failing in their duties to to the shareholders and the paying customer.

    I understand some people don't like the term customer, but that's how the world of business see us, and exploit our emotional attachment to Rangers. It is the only language that hardened capitalists from the city understand. They don't share the bonds that tie us to Govan. They have no idea what the sacred trust of being a Ranger is, and never will. They weren't born to be Rangers supporters, like Dave King, a man who handed over £20 million to the club, and is prepared to do so again, in return for a say in how we move forward.

    Dave King understands the timetable that we need to be on, and is willing to put his money into the club. Because he isn't willing to fill the pockets of that small group of shareholders with no names yet, he is being painted as a chancer by people like Irvine, McMurdo and Mediahouse employees who are paid to troll the internet spreading discord among ordinary Rangers fans.


Keep it civil, lads.