19 February 2014

Meanwhile, in Bizarro World...

Cunts. Cunts everywhere.
There's now a petition to hold the Scottish Cup semi-finals at "neutral venues".  

We're assuming this has been pluralised because our good friends across town are both A) masters of context, and B) comic savants. 

Please hold your laughter to the very end of the presentation.


  1. Of course, had Celtic been in the competition, you can bet that none of their supporters would want the final taken away from Parkhead. This is just more Rangers hate.

  2. I mean honesty tae fuckity, have the gypsies fae the east nae shame at all. When they thought ra shellac was a cert to be in the finals, we were all told tae shut the fuck up, by the press and timothy, coz there's nae corruption tae see here. What a shower of losers, shitting themselves incase the Gers win the Scottish Cup, brilliant. HAWHAWHAWHAWHAW!


Keep it civil, lads.