23 March 2014

Boyd and Beyond

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

If they say a week is a long time in politics, then a year is like a lifetime in football.

Just over a year ago, Kris Boyd was finished. After a memorable spell at Rangers, his stock was high. What you saw was what you got with Kris Boyd, but his record had many clubs sniffing around. However, spells in England, Turkey and America followed with little success. It was a career that had hit the buffers, and any talk of a return to Ibrox was generally met with apathy.

Since Kris Boyd's return to Scotland, he has recaptured some of the magic that made him a Rangers hero. He is fast approaching 20 goals for the season in an incredibly mediocre Kilmarnock side - a feat not to be sniffed at. And today after a performance that wasn't exactly for the football purist, Ally McCoist all but confirmed that Boyd was high up his list of signing targets.

The reaction from Twitter and forums wasn't exactly overwhelmingly positive, but in comparison to his name being mentioned a year ago, it is clear many have warmed to the idea of Boyd occupying the number 9 jersey once more. Of course, part of the reasoning behind this is that Kris has shown this season that he still has "it" - the magic of a top quality finisher has never truly left him, and many would say he has earned his return.

On the other hand, it could be said that apathy simply has worn us down. We know the goals that Kris Boyd will bring, but they are as inevitable as the frustration that comes with it. His build-up play and teamwork have had a permanent question mark above them since day one - to play with Kris Boyd in your team is to sacrifice a chance at some free-flowing and enjoyable football. A team is built round a player like Boyd - yet we are now acquiesce to letting this happen?

Kris Boyd is the ultimate safe option - is the admittance that he could work for us an admittance that we have no hope of Ally McCoist's ability to change Rangers? There is very little thought or effort that goes into a Boyd (or even a Miller) signing - it does not scream of a known football philosophy. It certainly is not reminiscent of the Porto and Ajax models McCoist shared his admiration of almost a year ago. Just like the signing of Daly last summer, signing Kris Boyd would be another short-term resolve to what should be a long-term issue. There will be no sell-on value to the signing, and does anyone realistically believe that he will be the man to gun Celtic down in two years time once Rangers return to the top league?

Ally McCoist might not have a single scout working for him, but every single signing target comes with a distinct lack of creativity or thought. Most potential signings are predictable, and conducive to a similar football style. When does McCoist plan to have a team that fans can actually enjoy watching? When will Rangers once again have a team that the fans can be proud of? When will the fans start to believe this management team can create something that actually make journeys to every corner of the country actually feel worthwhile?

The answer to these questions seem as far off as they did this time last year.

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