24 March 2014

CROpod Defamatory

A rather dragging edition of the CROpod finds Shane, Chris, Peter and Marcus searching in vain for something to get passionate about. Football, suing fans, Kris Boyd, suing other people, Stephen Thompson, more lawsuits, just the usual fare for your Monday.

And don't forget to hop over to rangersfacts.thecoplandroad.org and read Gary Havlin's excellent piece on the signing of Davie Cooper.

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  1. Another good show lads. Funny, satirical, irreverent and lacking in respect. Exactly what we all need to be towards the misfits who currently haunt the Blue Room.

    If these legal moves weren't of serious, they would be material for a Monty Python sketch. Sadly, we are living in a world where the libel laws are favoured towards the rich and plaintiff. I remember how Robert Maxwell tried to bully Private Eye magazine through the courts, because they had the audacity to call him a crook on a repeated basis. The late great Peter Cook, who was the Eye's proprietor, refused to buckle, and continued to go after him.

    In the end, Maxwell got rumbled and he had a watery end on his boat, by all accounts.

    I don't hear about legal letters being sent to other people, who have said much more libellous with their words. The weak bully fears those who stand up to them. This is probably one of the most embarrassing episodes in Rangers history, and has brought shame on our great club.

    Two friends of mine have told me tonight that they won't be renewing their season tickets till the brothers have left the club. Neither of them were part of the scheme to join a season ticket trust, as they aren't usually that way inclined, but what has transpired appears to have woke them up. They won't go back till we've performed an exorcism in the Blue Room.


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