03 March 2014

The Ignorance of Struth Tradition

by Alex Oliver | Contributor

Rangers Football Club are a club with a rich illustrious history with values of equal measure. 

The foundations were set by the Gallant Pioneers over 140 years ago, and the coliseum was constructed by Mr Bill Struth. One could say Mr Struth is the corner stone to the proud tradition that runs… or ran, throughout our wonderful club. 

I say ‘ran’ because of the recent turmoil our club has been through, and although to paraphrase Bill Struth "we will emerge stronger, because of the trials we overcome", it seems like we are millions of miles away from coming close to overcoming adversity. This adversity is fuelled by what can, at best described as petty (I’ll leave it to you to conclude what it can be described as at worst) actions from the board. 

The recent ‘response’ to Dave King’s comments lacked dignity and class something our club used to champion. Although, I highly doubt the likes of Mr Somers could tell you anything about what our club is built on. Somers and his chums on the board, rightly or wrongly, hold concerns over Dave King - however to call him for a ‘meeting’ in such a public way is farcical.

Mr Wallace has around 50 days of his ‘review’ remaining; I can only hope that it includes evaluating if current board members understand what it means to be a Ranger. Be it from the quill of Jack Irvine or someone involved in our club at executive level, anyone speaking on behalf of Rangers should take note of all that has gone before them in the 142 years previous. 

They might learn a lot.


  1. Why is it farcical that the board has called out dk publicly, when dk has been doing the very same thing to the board at every opportunity.

  2. If the board want to meet Mr Kong, they should be invited along by Mr King to his meeting with the supporters groups.

    Oh, that's right, this board don't do transparent meetings; only ones behind closed doors, where they can make up their own version afterwards.

    I don't think this board are in any position to 'summon' anyone to a meeting.

    They should be in the dock for the way they are attempting to asset-strip Rangers Football Club.

    Anyone who can't see this, is sitting with blinkers on. Either that, or working under multiple pseudonyms on Rangers forums for Mediahouse.

    That is how old hacks fight PR wars for unpopular regimes.


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