11 April 2014

We'll keep this short...

Simply, who prepared this statement and are they being paid by the members of "the Board of Rangers Football Club" or the Club itself?


  1. As soon as I read it, I said to my wife....that tone, language etc looks awfully familiar. Stinks like a ripe French cheese that's been sitting in the boot of your car for a week in July (during a heatwave). Now has to the time to mobilise. I think King's right. If people only worry about losing their seat, we could lose our club in any meaningful sense.

  2. Can't help but think Dave King is full of shit. The board are full of shit. It's all SHIT!!!

    All I know is, a payment of £90.75 is coming out of my account on 30th April and it will remain to be the case until DK comes up with something substantial because I cannot see how giving my money to some drip feed bank account is going to help, either the club, or my abilty to see the team.

    I can't see how giving DK my ST cash to withhold from the club is going to allow me to see my team. It has never been explained.

    Both sides are as bad as each other in my view. Nothing substantial from either. Nothing believable from either. So I may aswell not cancel my renewal. So Dave King..... that is the way it will play for me.... I am waiting on you to make me cancel my renewal, thus far you haven't been convincing enough.... you have till till the 28th.

    1. Wow, Geomac, I respect your right to your view but your entry could almost have been written by a certain Spinmaster I have read a lot of. King's plan is clear. Under the season ticket trust, you can give the same money to the club to watch the same games contingent on small (non-controversial) details like not selling and leasing back Ibrox to us in perpetuity; something the Blue Knights and King are quite happy to sign up to but the current regime will only make vague 'not at the moment' promises on. Put simply, when I read these 'they're all as bad a each other' comments it's impossible not to think either the poster has not read the detailed argument on either side or might be a drone working for old Voldemort himself. It aint't complicated at this stage. The current regime have a long track record of consistent underperformance, have burned through £50mn but have no business plan other than 'gies another chance.' The business plan comes BEFORE the spending unless you want to have ready-to-use-down-the-line excuses for the kind of behaviour we have already seen to date. £2.5 mn costs for 'financial advise'? My cat wouldn't buy that and she's pretty trusting even for something with a brain the size of a Satsuma!

  3. The ST trust won't be (drip-feeding?) any money. It 'll all be offered in return for security on Ibrox and Murray Park.

    The reason that Dave King has stepped forward at this time, is because he's free to step forward, after a tax issue was settled in South Africa. Had he bee free to do do, at the time of the IPO, he would've bought a substantial amount of shares, and Green would never have got away with what he and his cronies did with the money.

    I don't think any Rangers fan can question King's commitment to the club. He has put more into Rangers than any other individual fan.

    It's taken till now for the fans to be empowered, and it's down to Dave King. Putting his face to the trust, along with Richard Gough, our 9 in a row captain, has provided us with an alternative path to dealing with this board.

    I find it ridiculous that some people can try to put doubt into supporters minds, that somehow both sides are untrustworthy, when only one side has frittered away over £50m, with nothing to show for it.

    Without King stepping forward, we would be sitting here with no power, no plan and handing over our money to a board with no credibility.

    If anyone is in any doubt about the trust, then examine the facts. Ask yourselves the motives behind the actions of everyone, and the track record of all involved.

    It doesn't take a genius to tell who's in it for the money, and who has the club at heart.

  4. Graham, couldn't agree more. And while some fans who don't enjoy politics and finance may genuinely be ambivalent about who has the good of the club at heart, anyone looking at the actions of the Board versus King would not take long to see who has Rangers at heart. It's also worth noting that certain Spinmasters who may be working for Rangers employees are not averse to the dark arts of internet manipulation, planted stories, questionable poster identities etc.


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