31 May 2014

Peralta Watch: Goal.com profiles Ale Bedoya

Former Ranger Alejandro Bedoya will feature for the US at the upcoming World Cup. Thomas Floyd profiles the Nantes' star over on Goal.com.

(h/t @Boab10)


  1. I'm a bit confused why D'Artagnan has decided to attack the RST top where £8 of the cost will go to buying shares in the event of a new shares issue? He directly accused them of trying to stop people buying Rangers merchandise, when in the event of a new share issue, more money would go from the RST shirt than the Rangers official top.

    If Rangers can't make £8 off every top sold, then there is clearly a shocking situation regarding our contract with Mike Ashley.

    There is a lot of speculation that we are only getting around 80p sterling for every shirt, which if true has to fall back to Charles Green and his friends at BPH and Margueritta.

    Until we know who BPH and Margueritta are, there can be no trust with the board. It hurts me to withhold money from the club, but they aren't getting one dime from me, until we have clarity, trust and respect. For me, that simply seems impossible on all 3 fronts, regarding this board.

  2. Will the CROPod be making a return any time soon?

  3. I see that Rangers have unveiled their new 3rd strip today. Or, as they have become known as, ' the Mike Ashley strips'.

    For it to be a Rangers kit, the money would have to be going to Rangers, not Mike Ashley. 80p per kit to Rangers is not worth the investment. Until we are shown the contract for this merchandise, we should treat them in the same manner as season tickets.

    This board have not even tried to earn our trust, and until they give us written guarantees over the stadium, the training complex and where the money will go, then you would be as well going down to the Clyde, and throwing your money in there.

    Mike Ashley did the same to Newcastle United, and he's doing the same to Rangers, by proxy. You don't need to own Rangers to rip us off, just a nice cosy contract, stitched up with your buddy, Charles.

  4. Something very strange has happened. I'm not on twitter, but I check out some of the guys feeds for news, information etc. Since the launch of the 3rd strip I've been denied access to these twitter feeds, yet I can access the Rangers official twitter feed.

    Hmmmmm? Strange how I'm suddenly blocked from reading Chris Graham's feed, or the RST feed, or Ofvoid or John DC Gows feed, with the NARSA conference coming up, and public criticism ongoing against the Rangers board. At a time when the board are trying to com the support into buying Season Tickets and new strips, we're suddenly being stopped from learning the truth about the board from the only people willing to stand up to them, and bring them to account. Maybe someone should approach twitter and explain to them what is going on, because this is about free speech.


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