16 May 2014

Shareholders blocking potential peace deal?

by Alan Clark | Deputy Editor

Key shareholders in Rangers Football Club are blocking a potential compromise agreement between the board and umbrella supporters' group the Union of Fans, the CRO understands.

News broke in the media yesterday that representatives from the UoF had sat down at Ibrox for a meeting with chief executive Graham Wallace - and that the outcome of the meeting was Wallace had promised to take a proposal to sign a legally-binding agreement of protecting Ibrox Stadium to the PLC board for consideration.

The UoF had made it clear in the meeting that they would require the same type of deal for the club's training ground, Murray Park, and that they would take any type of document to their lawyers for inspection.

Today is the last day for season ticket renewals at the club, and the PLC board have still not returned with any such documentation to the Dave King-backed UoF.

It is understood that there is a divide emerging in Rangers International's boardroom, as certain shareholders in the company have reiterated that they will not agree to any contract that protects the key assets being signed and shown to the supporters. 

If some director(s) are willing to reach a compromise for the supporters regarding Ibrox and/or Murray Park, yet some are not, questions will undoubtedly arise over who exactly is running the show at Edmiston Drive.  


  1. support the board, not the plastic Rangers fans who go under the UoF banner. The UoF should stay away from Ibrox they are not true fans, break up the Blue Order give their seats to real fans, not young idiots who make threats to anyone in BF who wont join in their petty demo's.
    Start supporting Rangers again, not the ego driven fan groups who have their own agenda's and their own gain, ie. making money from our club.

    1. Scotbuz you really do not have a scooby what is going on do you. These fans groups have no interest in making money from Fans..... you are getting them mixed up with the vile and corrupt individuals within the boardroom. I am under none of these fans groups, my family have put thousands into Rangers over the years so I am not a "plastic rangers fan" as you put it and it is clear as day what is going on. Our club is being raped by these individuals within the board.

    2. Scotbuz are you really that stupid to accuse other Rangers fans and fans groups of having 'their own agendas' and of wanting to make 'money from the club'! You must be absolutely brain-dead if you cannot see that it is our present board who represent shareholders such as Laxeys, Blue Pitch and Margarita who all have REAL 'agendas' and want to make money from the club then we are well and truly phucked! I am in despair that you and the 'real rangers fans' such as you claim to be cannot see what is going on!

  2. so the rebel tops being made are going to raise money for the club or those behind these so called fans groups?? and this is typical of these "so called " fans groups tactics they hear dissent from their views and they attack , go kiss DK's arse!!

  3. When I heard about the meeting on Wednesday night, I feared that this was part of a ploy to trick people into buying season tickets, and it looks like it could've been. Make it look like everything's cosy with UoF, followed by falsely publicising a rush for tickets, alarming people that they'll lose their usual spot - it all stinks of what a spin doctor would attempt to do. It's part of a con, woven together by clouding the issue, confusing people and scaring people.

    We've heard it all too often from this board, and we won't be fooled again. When are some people going to realise that they don't care about Rangers, only the money it can generate for the people they represent on the board.

    It's only time before they move on this lot and replace them with another lot of suspects desperate for a shilling, who still don't have any blue chip heritage in their CV's.

    We have a retail contract that benefits Ashley, a shirt sponsorship who I've never heard of before and Wallace described as 'blue chip?', and a board who have sunk into the gutter with emotional blackmail. There's a point when loyal fans stop being used, and we're now at that point.

    This board have disrespected the lifeblood of the club, the fans, once too many times. Every move by them is now predictable and counter-productive. Did their mammies not tell them, 'don't stay where you're not wanted' ?

    Gentlemen, it's time to sell up and leave Glasgow.

  4. Scotsbuz& Mucker1314 are obviously a pair of stooges for Mike & Bernie and the rest of the regime. It looks like two villages are missing an idiot tonight!

  5. "Who exactly is running the show at Edmiston Drive" is the question we all must ask!

    Make no mistake Bears, Blue Pitch Holdings and Margarita are the villains here, they have been the one constant from day one. Graham "Great CV" Wallace, the Easdales, Stockbridge, Mather, Green and Whyte have all been well paid front men who have been inserted to do their dirty deeds on behalf of their shadowy masters.

    Why the need for secrecy? What do they have to hide? (Apart from their ill gotten gains that is!)

    Why did they allow Charles Green to award himself FIVE MILLION penny shares? How much do we make on merchandise? 75p a replica shirt? Surely not, tell us then! How much are we making on our "blue chip" shirt sponsorship deal? £5.7Million in financial and legal fees to raise £22million in an ipo of the biggest and best supported sporting club in the country? I could go on but I think we all get the idea, BPH & Margarita have presided over all of this and still no major questions are asked of their identities!

    Who are they? Are they "Celtic Minded"? God (and a few closed mouth front men) only knows! They couldn't have done any more damage if they were!

    One thing is for sure though, anybody representing them are no friends of Rangers...


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