17 May 2014

The Charles Green Road Show

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

We already know that certain shareholders are balking at accepting the UoF proposal to CEO Graham Wallace, but what about the moves of former CEO Charles Green?

The CRO has learned Chuck was seeking out new CEO candidates in the US not long ago, and failing that has turned to shedding the Easdales' shareholding to the highest bidder.

Beyond such maneuvers, it may be that he hopes to perhaps pick up another piece to add to his percentage that he has decidedly not offloaded despite all of Jack Irvine's reports. We wonder what Colin Kingsnorth of Laxey Partners and his "personal investment" might have to say about that.

So why, yet again, is Charles hustling for this board? Why, much like in the weeks leading up to the AGM, when he was doorstepping investors, is he out doing the Rangers Road Show, supposedly on his own time? He has completely checked out, after all. We were told repeatedly.

Why, Charles, are you over shilling fares that are (supposedly) not yours? Is this just part of your endless world tour you kicked off as part of your Look at me. I'm the CEO of Rangers! events from a couple summers back? Collecting plaques, not paying for dinners.

We know the board blew their handshake guarantee to the UoF, the 24 hours. They said "give us a day" and still haven't responded. Is that so Chuck could get out and work his magic, offload a certain key party's shareholding on whoever would show up to take it? Obviously a massive coincidence that Club 9's John Prichett suddenly showed up recently talking about Rangers again after a long silence.

So just what the hell is Charles Green doing peddling the Easdale shareholding in the US? Is it an owed favor simply because he never actually gave up his chunk to them as so many media outlets reported? Maybe it's to make the final payment on his French estate?

More answers for a board and some non-board members – one who wishes to speak for the Club and business on his own whims – to answer for the largest shareholders in Rangers: The fans.


  1. I'd have him back in a minute! rather than the Murray's the UoF want!

  2. Sniff, sniff...scotsbutt ?

  3. I will get pelters for this but I would I have Charlie back in a heartbeat

  4. I will get pelters for this but I would I have Charlie back in a heartbeat

  5. so he can blow another 67 million

  6. It's no surprise to me that this little weasel is still sniffing about our club. It seems he didn't get enough out the till the last time he was near it.

    He served his own needs, and Rangers got pittance from his deals. If those wishing to see him back can tell us where the money went to, that's £67million, then I'll be grateful.

    It seems that there are still some gullible people among our ranks, and I really, really feel sorry for them. Wake up from the deep sleep you've been in, and realise you've been conned.

    This board are still at it, with their latest statement tonight, mixing the pot, and trying to divide the support, by suggesting that the UoF lied about legal binding offers on Wednesday. All they want is our money for their masters who still haven't revealed this themselves after 2 years. People who wear masks tend to have something to hide. It's not about a right to privacy, it's about a right to transparency.

    We have a right to be told who is pulling the strings at Ibrox, and what they have done with our money. Until they come clean, they have no right to any money from us.

  7. What makes me laugh is these same people complaining were the ones who all screamed for a consortium.
    Now they want rid of the consortium.
    Now they moan about Green doing a job trying to find a buyer for the club?
    Are they not wanting a buyer for the club now?

  8. "club"?shud that not be "company"?after all,no matter the outcome the "club" carries on so why all the hoohah?

  9. Charles Green is in it for one person - Charles Green. There's a ready made answer for them in the shape of Dave King.

    If they let him underwrite a new share issue, then he goes on the board to run the club properly, the price will go through the roof. That way they make a profit.

    However, they want to retain power, take our money and continue to pocket it for themselves.

    When will people understand that they've worked their way through £67million in 2 years, that could've been used to build a structure for the club.

    The player wages at Ibrox are smaller than executive and admin, which is a scandal. We can't compete at the top level unless we put in place foundations NOW.

    We should've made a start on scouting 6 months ago for this season, which should be the starting point for the squad to win the league in the top tier. We won't hit the ground running, because the current regime don't care about football.

    All they want is the money, and it ain't going on football.


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