18 September 2014

CROpod Saves the Union

It's your NFSE version of the CROpod, straight out of a wind tunnel and into your headphones as you wait to cast your vote on Thursday morning. Shane, Chris and Alan talk about a few weeks of football, Alexander's meandering story line, Hodor, Mike Ashley's piggy bank, currency exchange rates, and the pluses and minuses of owning a black leather(?) jacket.


  1. UNION of Fannies are not true Rangers Supporters! like Chris they are "johnny come lately" supporters that Rangers are well rid off. continued good football on the park will see the crowd returning, plus dare l say the UoF.

  2. So, what sort of names will we see on this fans board, now that it's been elected? I'm counting on at least 3 Vanguard Bears, one or two dissenting voices and Bill McMurdo as chairman.


Keep it civil, lads.