02 October 2014

CROpod Actually Seriously

We're back with another edition of everyone's favorite Rangers' podcast to hate or love. Probably hate.

Shane, Chris, Garry and Alex talk about what happened with Hibs, how that sort of stuff keeps happening, who bought those shares, what is Daniel Stewart up to, where does Phil get off using 9/11 imagery to discuss Monday's much, who stole the cupcakes, what is Bill even talking about anymore, provide some business ideas for the Albion, answer some of your questions, and then get out the door, all in just under two hours.


  1. So, Ashley prefers to hand over money to a hedge fund, rather than give the club money when it most needed it? It's time that Rangers fans woke up to Ashley, and just how little Rangers get from their deal with Sports Direct. Direct action is the only way to deal with these people, and the sooner everyone realises this, the better.

    Now I hear that Rangers have employed Alice Hedworth, who is apparently a Celtic supporter? Is it also a coincidence that she is a Geordie too? Hmmmmm??

    1. She's not a Celtic supporter. People need to stop leveling abuse at a new employee of our club who went to Parkhead one time in a professional capacity as a journalist.

  2. Point taken Shane. I picked up the thread from Aldo's Twitter and feared the worst. It's hard to discount anything with this board. If they can hire, and then re-hire Jack Irvine.


Keep it civil, lads.