26 January 2015

CROpod Goes Awful

It's the reappearance of the CROpod, now available on the WWTC network! Shane is joined by Alex Oliver and CROpod newcomers Graham Taylor (valued HP employee) and Callum Hamilton to talk about recent events. It's a hot mess of a show and a few days out of date but at least the CROpod is back. We'll make sure the next one is better.


  1. Here's a thought, is Kings EGM calling for the removal of all board members, or for the present ones individually. How is it worded? If it's worded individually, will Ashley put more board members on the board at the last minute, who would outnumber King and Co? Or has King covered all his tracks here?

  2. So, it's official - this board are beyond any level of contempt.


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