27 July 2015

Scott Allan hands it in

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

The back-and-forth pantomime of the Scott Allan situation appears to have finally reached a head with the young midfielder asking for what The Sun has called "crunch talks" on Tuesday. Let's take a look at the situation on the whole here.

The opening salvo bid immorally emailed on the cusp of Saturday's barnstorming 6-2 beating of Hibs – was Warbo unsettling a team or, maybe, you know, just doing business like every other club in the world? Either way, Alan Stubbs made sure that it drove a wedge into every aspect of Club Club's culture, from the board room to the stands.

Which leads us to Stubbs nailing it to the mast with the rejection of a second offer. It's clear he's set out from the go to have an excuse to exit Easter Road. Allan will be his whipping boy, and the board's ultimate decision to sell to Rangers for a reasonable fee of around £450,000 the tipping point.

For Rangers' sake, Stubbs couldn't have handled this any better. He's fucked off his squad, his supporters are ready to roll, and after being taken out behind the woodshed by Warburton's boys at the weekend he may be walking at just the right time for the sake of his career. Their fans can shout about The Rangers undoing all their good work but the facts are Allan has wanted to sign and Stubbs has put them in an untenable situation.

The less-than-savory fallout will be the Hibs boss tendering his resignation, saying stuff about integrity and all those types of buzzwords. His former team will get a decent sum for a player they could lose for nothing at the end of the season. What would have been Rangers' chief competition in the Championship will be a ship without a rudder coasting dangerously close to a rocky shore.

And while Rangers will again be penned as the bad guys in all this–strutting about bossing the finances of a club like Hibs–the fact is Stubbs' blatant hatred of our club will be the ultimate undoing. He could've taken the money and used it to reinvest, prepare for a playoff push, and hope to gain promotion while passing by in the wake of Warburton.

Instead, he'll walk with his head hung low, and Scott Allan will get what he wanted in the first place: a chance to line up in the Rangers side that ultimately retakes its place in the top flight.

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