28 July 2015

Steps to realisation: Hibs.net Scott Allan hands it in edition

Combing the best of Hibs.net so you don't have to, here's a bunch of Hibernian fans struggling with the fact that Scott Allan would rather not play for Club Club and its vindictive manager anymore.


"It's indicative of the tendency of football fans to get easily wound up by the sports media. Leave that nonsense to the slavering, brain-dead Huns, who live for tabloid and buckfast breakfasts, having little else to fill their rather dreary existences in those strange sectarian hovels that dot the west of Scotland a festering rash.

"Being a Hibernian supporter from the capital carries with it the burden of a certain sophistication. Let us prove equal to the task."

Winning the league

"Scott Allan is going to win the league this year, with Hibs.

"A three year old football club from Govan are finding out the hard way that no matter how public you make it, you just cant buy what you can't afford. Dave king can't afford Scott Allan."

£2 million

"£2m. They've valued him at £2m but even if Sevco offer £2m they will not sell to them...under any circumstances."

Not for sale

"Wonder which bit of NOT FOR SALE is difficult to understand?"

Self importance

"The last thing Scott Allan's agent and The Rangers would want is this thread to close down and for us to stop talking about it"


"I'm not sure this thread is doing any of us any good...."

Meanwhile, on Twitter


Scott Allan has handed it in.
Poor Hibs.

All Hibs.net posts [sic], if you couldn't tell.

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  1. A lot of this had been created by the behaviour of the media, as well as, the unprofessional behaviour by the Hibs board. I suspect this has a lot to do with the internal politics at Hibs, where I've heard that Rod Petrie has been trying to reassert authority

    On another topic, does anyone know if all the money from Rangers TV goes to the club? I wanted to buy an annual subscription to it this year, but I don't want money going to any other party than Rangers.


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