17 August 2015

Scott Allan's numerous exaggerations

But what about...

10 August 2015

Samuel Richmond Cox – The Darvel Marvel

Today on our Rangers History page, Gary Havlin (along with special guest John Miller) looks back on the life of Sammy Cox.


05 August 2015

Introducing the CRO Mailbag

Got a question about Rangers, or the morals of leaving your dog tied up outside the bar? Need to know what to get the missus for her birthday? Maybe you knocked down her cat in your auto and need help figuring out how to dispose of the body. Perhaps you're not sure if it's okay to skip a family function for the sake of football. Or is Tinder etiquette escaping you? Then we have the solution!

Introducing the CRO Mailbag, where you can ask us all your important life questions and The Panel will do their best to provide an answer that wouldn't land you (or us) in jail. No question is too stupid, unless it's really really stupid.

Submit your question to the CRO Mailbag – mailbag@thecoplandroad.org – and watch this space as we do our best to tackle your life problems absolutely free of charge.

04 August 2015

Read the entire Rangers News: Vol. 1

Over on our Rangers History site, we've put together the first edition of the old Rangers News, which appeared on newsstands today 44 years ago!

Rangers refuse to give up on Allan

by Alan Clark | Deputy Editor

Rangers tonight submitted an increased third bid of £280,000 for Hibernian midfielder Scott Allan, with varied reports suggesting it has been snubbed by the Easter Road club already.

The latest offer was believed to have included a future sell-on fee clause in order to tempt the Hibs hierarchy, but it seems it is still not enough for them to deal in.

The highly-rated playmaker has already been the subject of two bids from Ibrox as we all know, as well as the Glasgow-born boyhood bluenose submitting a written transfer request, in what is proving to be the biggest transfer story in Scottish football in this summer transfer window.

03 August 2015

SPFL responds to RST request for comment over McLaughlin receiving delegate's report

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

As the battle over the media bans of Chris McLaughlin and Graham Spiers waged on over the BBC's airwaves tonight, the Rangers Supporters Trust issued a statement detailing the response from the SPFL in regards to McLaughlin's acquiring a match delegate's report last Saturday.

Jim Spence needed more room to tell lies

Mark Warburton just gets 'it'

by Alex Oliver | Contributor

Mark Warburton just gets it.

I’m writing this with a big smile on my face, the positive vibes amongst the support are as high as I’ve seen them in ages. This is the break we as fans deserve for all the shit we’ve been through. Apologies for the colourful language, but it’s the only way to sum up the previous four years.

I have touched on culture change in previous blogs (you can read them: here and another one: here); Mark Warburton is getting this right to a T. Of course effective change doesn’t take place at the drop of a (magic) hat, but the transformation we’ve undertaken in under two months is staggering.

01 August 2015

Graham Spiers is incapable of telling the truth about his ban from Ibrox

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Graham Spiers kicked off BBC Scotland's Off The Ball tonight discussing his ban from Ibrox with hosts Tam Cowan and Jane Lewis. It didn't take long for him to begin misrepresenting the facts around the reasons for his press access to Ibrox being lifted.

BBC Scotland refused to act over Rangers bias

by Chris Graham | Contributor

As the new season looms, and with it the hope of improved fortune on and off the pitch, a new attitude towards regular proponents of misinformation in the media has been adopted.

Press credentials were sent out this week and although the publications and broadcasters that use Graham Spiers will receive their usual allocations, they have been informed that the press passes they have been given cannot be used for the now freelance Spiers. They are free to send someone to cover games at Ibrox but Spiers will not be admitted.