05 August 2015

Introducing the CRO Mailbag

Got a question about Rangers, or the morals of leaving your dog tied up outside the bar? Need to know what to get the missus for her birthday? Maybe you knocked down her cat in your auto and need help figuring out how to dispose of the body. Perhaps you're not sure if it's okay to skip a family function for the sake of football. Or is Tinder etiquette escaping you? Then we have the solution!

Introducing the CRO Mailbag, where you can ask us all your important life questions and The Panel will do their best to provide an answer that wouldn't land you (or us) in jail. No question is too stupid, unless it's really really stupid.

Submit your question to the CRO Mailbag – mailbag@thecoplandroad.org – and watch this space as we do our best to tackle your life problems absolutely free of charge.

1 comment:

  1. What is the panels opinion on the rumours that Rangers are to loan out young Andy Murdoch??? I personally think it would be a mistake as in my opinion he is every bit as good as Scott Allan would be and it sends out the wrong signal s to other young players. He was our young player of the year last year .cheers buckstar


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