06 November 2015

The return of stripping titles, the TOMOblog and more

by Scott Ferguson | Guest Contributor

I tried to restrain myself – I wasn't going to do it.

I haven't written an opinion piece on anything Rangers for quite a while. I had moved on. Writing frequently for WATP Magazine, I was enjoying focusing on football. Having interviews with the likes of Sir David Weir, Andy Little, even Kenny Shiels!

I was having fun chatting about the magic hats and disrespectful moments of brilliance on the pitch.

Then. Kaboom!

As if I had received a swift bite from Ciftci my ears began to bleed.

HMRC had finally won. After 3000 appeals to this court – that court – a court beside a tennis court, they had finally got the decision they were never going to stop spending public money on till they got it. And then the dogs started barking.

The usual suspects filled with glee started shouting the old rhetoric that the previous court decisions had not allowed them to proclaim. (well kind of – they usually did anyway)

Spiers' article about cheating Rangers was out quicker than James Forrest’s pe....hmm probably shouldn't go there but you get the jist.

Tom English took to Twitter to stoke the flames of title stripping just in time for all the followers of the idea to be able to ‘heart’ his comment instead of just liking it.

Then, my old favourite...*drumroll*...THE TOMOBLOG WAS BACK!

Our friend Alex Thomson climbed out of his bunker to finally seek validation. Quickly commentating that ill Phil's 'Downfall' book now had credence, showing the desperation of a man who had written the foreword for someone who would subsequently become well and truly "tarred with a sectarian brush" would display.

Alex is a man who even in the face of multiple defeats for HMRC refused to declare them defeated...his logic was that as there was room for appeal victory could not be claimed. This theory is not one he has now though of course. In the face of HMRC’s victory (and after himself commenting that there was still room for an appeal) he declared them completely and utterly victorious. Rangers were cheats...simples.

Although, I have to say the re-emergence of Alex on the Rangers scene does not come without reward. It did not take him long to remind us all just how little he knows about what is actually going on. He proclaimed on Twitter that he wanted to know if Campbell Ogilvie would now resign his position at the SFA - a position he retired from months earlier.

Upon being reminded...well not so much reminded as rather, educated, on this fact Alex - in the interest of transparency - quickly deleted the tweet.

Unfortunately for Alex the screenshot is already out there to be enjoyed by all. So what now?
There will be more calls for title stripping, Rangers and Sevco will continue to be called cheats in equal ironic amounts, the crazies will scream from the rooftops, St Mirren fans will complain about all the titles they could have won, Phill will have a good month on the donation front and then before anyone knows it - we will be promoted.

The obsessed will be left to wonder what they have been doing all these years. Wondering why they still have jelly and ice cream in the freezer. Wondering why they haven't noticed that their children are suddenly three feet taller.

The Rangers (and I use that proudly) will not be playing in stadiums with hedges or listening from afar to hear a Ronny whimper.

The devil will be looking directly into their eyes - and the devil will be looking for number 55.


  1. everyone is forgetting the EBT total was 46 million that is not the tax due so it would be 40% of that amount so the 46 million is misleading it was actually 18.4 million so certainly not a huge amount in footballing terms when you divide that over 8 years which is 2.3 million per year.............rangers have mearly been the victim of a witchhunt and continue to be hounded over misleading facts

  2. The lot of them are scum let them show their hate they can't hide anymore. It will only make us stronger can't wait till we make ir 55 watp. LEST WE FORGET

  3. Celtic fans are the most bigoted fans in the UK if not in Europe. Their club was embroiled in activity much more serious that tax avoidance but they don't like discussing that do they? It gets 'brushed under carpet'.

  4. Rangers may have 'creditors', Celtic have 'victims'. Ask Alan Brazil.

  5. It's funny how two tax judges rejected the earlier appeals after the first tier tribunal judged in our favor, but then a judge who has little experience in the tax field was deemed fit to rule on it? He judged in favor of HMRC on the grounds that it was "common sense"?, when he should've been doing his fuckin' job by judging on its legality. Rangers did nothing illegal. They may have been immoral 'avoiding' tax, but there was no case of 'evading' payment. LNS has already delivered a not guilty verdict on the question of gaining an unfair advantage.
    More than anything, the behavior of not only journalists, but also of the SPFL, is continuing to drag the name of Scottish football through the mire, and damaging it even further.
    One thing they're forgetting, is that there is likely to be an appeal of the appeals, in the Supreme Court this time, heard by an actual judge who understands tax law.


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