We talk Rangers, we take the piss out of reporters and we remind those diddy clubs why they'll never be as great as us. Home of the almost-world-famous CROpod.

The CRO is:

Executive Editor/CROpod host

Shane Nicholson | @ofvoidshane@thecoplandroad.org

Content Editor

Alan Clark | aclark@thecoplandroad.org

Content Editor

Callum Hamilton | @Callum_TH | chamilton@thecoplandroad.org

Captain Sensible

Peter Ewart | @Seasider06 | pewart@thecoplandroad.org

Director of Buckles

Chris Graham | @ChrisGraham76 | cgraham@thecoplandroad.org


Garry Carmody | @GarryCarmody | gcarmody@thecoplandroad.org

Pink Shorts

Ross McAdam | @RossMcAdam | rmcadam@thecoplandroad.org

Red Jumper

Alex Oliver | @alexo93 | aoliver@thecoplandroad.org

Rangers History

Gary Havlin | @RangersFACTS | ghavlin@thecoplandroad.org

Number 2 Emeritus

Andy McKellar | @AMcKellar89

And a few regular guests along the way.

Your in-house CROpod voices are the boss man Shane Nicholson, Alan Clark, Peter Ewart and Chris Graham, along with regular appearances from Marcus from Follow Follow and Canadian-at-large Ross EJ Hendry.

Gary Havlin is the man behind our Rangers History page, giving you exclusive stories about our Club's past.

And ours and your man in the Toronto area is sponsor William Magill.

So stay tuned as we move along, and feel free to chime in with ideas, comments, questions, whatever: info@thecoplandroad.org or follow us on twitter @CoplandRoadorg

-The Copland Road Organization