21 February 2019

Gerrard Talks Clarke Response In Thursday Presser

Manager Steven Gerrard commented on the ongoing Steve Clarke Consistency Conundrum that has engulfed Scottish football over the past few days.

There's Only Two Steve Clarkes

The older bears among us may remember a certain goalkeeper being subjected to a chant emanating from his own support of, ‘There’s only two Andy Gorams!’

20 February 2019

CROpod Memories: Thommo Plays With His Toys

After we interviewed Alex Thomson the first time, he generously came back for a followup on a wide range of topics. From March 2013's "CROpod Baker's Dozen" here's Alex... sitting in the floor... playing with his toys.

19 February 2019

Dan Roan Ban Proves BBC Scotland Agenda Against Rangers

The excuse given by BBC Scotland for their ongoing failure to meet their obligations to Scottish licence payers, by refusing to cover Rangers in a fair and balanced manner, has been shown up by the approach to another BBC journalist who was banned from the Etihad by Manchester City.

14 February 2019

CROpod Memories: Crazy Daniel

Yep, I found it. And now I present it to the internet as my special Valentine's Day gift to all. It's the greatest story that never should have been told: from Oct. 2014's CROpod Actually Seriously, it's the tale of Crazy Daniel.

You're welcome.