11 May 2019

Dear Dick: Are You OK?

Most of you who have had the misfortune to listen to BBC Radio Scotland’s, Sportsound programme will know who Richard Gordon is. He has presented the show for more years than anyone cares to remember and has regularly allowed his love for Aberdeen FC, and his obvious dislike for Rangers, to severely hinder his ability to do his job properly. In short, he’s really not a very good presenter but he’s in with the bricks at BBC Scotland and hating Rangers is excellent for your chances of advancement at Pacific Quay.

18 April 2019

A Sneak Peak At The 2019-20 Rangers Kits

Well, here's your first look at next year's home top. Keep in mind, of course, a low-res low-quality mockup, but this is the design we'll see rolled out for the 2019-20 campaign.

Thoughts? Leave them in the commen... oh, wait, we don't have comments. Go complain on Twitter or something.

19 March 2019

James Dornan Apologises To Club 1872 Weeks After Making Up Stories

Rangers supporters group and the second largest shareholder in RIFC, Club 1872, have secured a grovelling apology from hapless, SNP MSP James Dornan over false allegations he made about them on his Twitter account.

12 March 2019

Since BBC Scotland Won't, We Took A Look At Their Editorial Guidelines

Thousands of BBC Editorial Guidelines fill a skip behind BBC Scotland HQ.

Let's take a look at the BBC Editorial Guidelines and try to figure out just which part of these have possibly been applied to BBC Scotland's coverage of Rangers. Misleading or downright malicious coverage that has seen them shamed into apologising to the club five times in a year, including another on Monday.

11 March 2019

Let’s Bring In Strict Liability (For Politicians and the Media)

The latest round of stupid suggestions to stop idiots occasionally misbehaving at football matches have been shouted from the rooftops by the usual suspects following incidents involving James Tavernier and Jack Grealish over the weekend.