10 January 2019

Getting to Know You: Matt Polster Edition

I figured since I've been asked a few times about the guy via DMs I'd go ahead and do a little roundup on Matt Polster, the 25-year-old American holding midfielder and right back Steven Gerrard has kidnapped and taken to Tenerife. Plus, I need to write something to stay fresh.

30 August 2018

Uf uf uf uf uf uf uf uf Ufa!

What can you even say? The early goal to put them under the gun. Adjusting to 10 men for more than 50 minutes. Adjusting to 9 men for nearly half an hour. Shagger. The number of jokes (definitely jokes) about having a wank over a football manager one can fit into a full 90 is quite astounding.

Good God Almighty WTF Am I Doing?

The CRO returns! Or something.

Welcome back to the fun, folks. After a couple-three-whatever mostly-dormant years, I've brought the CRO out of the mothballs and decided to return it to its spectacular glory of dick jokes, ill-informed commentary, possible podcasts and all the other crap that brought you here in the first place.

26 May 2016

Club 1872 Statement on Fallout from Scottish Cup Final

Following the shameful scenes which occurred in the aftermath of last Saturday’s Scottish Cup Final, Club 1872 has spent the past few days gathering witness accounts and information from supporters who were present. We have liaised closely with Rangers to pass on the information we have received.

In the first instance, we call on the Scottish FA to request the immediate resignation of Hibernian Chairman and SFA Vice President, Rod Petrie from the SFA board. His comments immediately following the game, and since, have been an absolute disgrace. How can Mr Petrie justify describing the violent acts of his supporters as “exuberance”? How can he justify the lack of any apology to Rangers for the attacks on our players? We welcome the announcement by the SFA of an independent enquiry but Mr Petrie’s comments are entirely at odds with their approach.

18 May 2016

From GTBFO: Brave Mike Ashley loses rights to fleece cash from Rangers, its supporters

Quasi-CRO-retired Shane penned a piece on today's bad news for Big Mike over at SB Nation's Got the Battle Fever On. Check it out here.

12 January 2016

The Final Act: Goodbye, White Duke

He could be everything to anybody, or anything to everybody–we never knew. We weren’t allowed to know. Sometimes, it seemed he never knew himself.