23 June 2012

And the dominoes fell...

by Shane Nicholson | CRO editor

Slowly but ever so surely the effects of a Rangers-less SPL are creeping into the media spotlight.

Potential ramifications for already thin television contracts, clubs asking their fans to stump up in record numbers for season tickets, and now, as summer steams along, chairman are looking at their budgets and wondering what could be.

Fair praise to St Johnstone boss Steve Lomas, who said all the way back in the closing days of April that the looming problems at Ibrox were already weighing on his mind as he was looking over the Perth club's contracts.

Just the other day we had the fine Mr Thompson's DUFC release the now stock "NO to Newco" statement, waxing poetic on sporting integrity, but sure to include the caveat that they hoped their supporters would respond by buying more and more season books.

Of course our fine friends in Edinburgh, the honorable Hearts, already with one HMRC run-in under their belts for this year; owned by a man who made his money by surely the most integritous of means; who put the same priority on paying staff wages as most of us do on sweeping the front drive.

And then came word from Fir Park, that the mighty Motherwell could well meet the same fate as RFC without our supporters to line their coffers. A club looking at a potential shortfall of £900,000 from various revenue streams, staring into the wide-open abyss of administration.

They see the empty seats when we're not around.

They see a TV deal that, while lacking in every way, makes sure their doors stay open.

Most of all they see a business model that without one of its most consistent and reliable revenue streams will die, and not a slow death, not one that can be overcome via stop gap measures until we rise again.

No, they see a business whose very existence will come into question immediately without our club and its thousands of supporters to float their books.

I wonder if we will be so kind as to return the favor they have shown us in our darkest hour?