28 June 2012

My, oh my

by Shane Nicholson | CRO editor |

I've been racking my brain a bit trying to make some sense of the documents the SPL let slip today. Typically "total financial meltdown" is not something you want your sponsors and investors to read.

The rest was old news. We've known the rest of the heard is lost without us; at least now we have a figure to attach to it: £16,000,000 lost to the wind if we are to move to SFL3.

Not shocking then that the SPL's Option 1 is to move us to SFL1 for a season, and that failing to simply blow up the system and create a second tier to the SPL. "Sporting integrity," indeed.

Without carrying on and giving them the respect they don't deserve, all today's release finally confirmed is that this entire process, this public trial against us, was always a case of putting the horse before the cart.

Our enemies are not shy, and their intentions are rarely hidden from view. But today showed just to what extent they will go to make sure we're as neutralized as possible, but ensuring their pockets are still lined by our supporters.

For the governing bodies, today has been the low ebb of a tedious and shambolic process. And chatter of leaked emails, maybe some info about taxes that was passed along much earlier than we were led to believe, will only add fuel to the bonfire lit with the release of the documents today.

End of Rangers? Nah, we'll be fine. Thanks for asking.

End of a lot of careers in the higher reaches of the Scottish game? Should be. We'll see if the media does the same job on the muppets who tried to play judge, jury, and executioner for our club as they've done on us.

But the bias is in the open for all to see, and the fact that "Sporting integrity!" publicly took a backseat to "Oh shit, how are we going to keep the doors open?!" today should make building the case that much easier.