25 June 2012

Steelmen respond

CRO editor Shane Nicholson‏
@SPLstats Here's a stat for ya: #RFC fans accounted for 31% of Well's gate receipts 11/12, or the same as the 9 non-Glasgow#SPL clubs

Andrew Wilson ‏ @AndrewWilsonAJW
(Director of Motherwell FC & former MSP)
not quite true, rangers games accounted for it not just rangers fans. And not all gate receipts, non season tkt.

SN: Cheers, Andrew. Still staring at a £275K loss of revenue from ticket sales for #RFC matches alone though, no?

AW: other things equal yes, about 17pc. So if case we must challenge our fans to step up, which they will.

SN: You're certainly banking on it, seems. If it's that easy to up attendance over 500/game why aren't you already?

AW: well we have to try and got increases last year (seasons up 10pc). We will keep doing all we can on and off park

SN: I see the gains for last year, impressive for sure. Gonna take a massive effort to repeat that

AW: rivalries aside Gers fans didn't deserve calamity and the rest of us certainly don't. We must look forward and pull through

SN: Is it your preference that we go to Div1 or Div3, then? And, if you have a preference, why?

AW: all in good time when we have all the info and facts to choose from. Good luck to you in finding redemption. You will.

SN: What redemption? What crime have I committed? You're the ones making bold statements prior to having "all the facts," yes?

AW: fair point on 1 but I mean the club, you know that. Not guilty on 2. Good luck nonetheless. Over and out from me.

SN: Cheers. Given your projected 500k loss I'd say the"info and facts" you're waiting on is if SKY will give a 1yr reprieve