29 July 2012

Nessinator: Top 5 Scottish Media Cunts [sic]

by The Nessinator | CRO Special Guest

Editor's note: We're happy to welcome the first of CRO's many special guests, former RFC employee and all around arsehole, The Nessinator.

His new manager Tony Pulis has asked us to ease up on the editing of Nessi's pieces for fear that excessive negative remarks may cause prolonged spells in the trainer's room. Seeing as we think Pulis is a top bloke, and his Stoke teams play some of the finest football this side of a prison yard, we're happy to oblige.

So here is The Nessinator's first cut on CRO. And may we stress again: [sic]


The Nessinator has made himself at home in the physio room in Stoke, I don’t have much to do down here, all my pals are away spending their signing on fees kidding on it was hard to leave Rangers. Note that I said Rangers there, not New Rangers, not Newco Rangers, not Sevco, not “Rangers” as one of our smug friends in the media takes such delight in calling us. Simply Rangers, the same club we’ve been for 140 years, since Davie Weir was a fresh faced 24 year old.

While I’m down here waiting 8 months for a calf strain to heal I will be writing a blog for the good folks at The Copland Road Organization in my spare time in between being injured and pretending I’m Batman.

With the situation at Rangers finally dying down (though don’t hold your breath there’s certainly more blood to be squeezed out of that particular stone) it’s a good time to turn our attentions to the people who have enjoyed and benefited most from this. Who is that you ask? No not Celtic, nor the SPL, certainly not the SFA who’s leadership is as welcome as an iceberg on the Titanic, no the real winners were none other than our friends in the media.

In the goldfish bowl of Scottish football the sensationalist and downright stupid members of our media must have felt like a kid at Christmas, no longer would they need to go into the wilderness to hunt for a juicy story, they would be dining on the carcass of our troubles for quite some time, a few are even now attempting to pick the bones. It’s about time someone had their say about some of these clowns now that they’ve had their say about us, let’s take a look at my top 5.

5. Jim Delahunt

Delahunt is a lifelong Celtic supporter, so it’s no surprise he’s the most miserable looking cunt on the face of the planet, it’s also no surprise that his views on the Rangers saga are at best dubious and worst full on lies.

Jim’s most notable achievement is being the longest running miserable fucker on TV. If it wasn’t bad enough that he talks utter tripe when it comes to all things Rangers his face looks like he’s been having a wank and accidentally thought about his maw at the point of ejaculation. What gained wee Jim his place at number 5 on the list however was that he “Really hopes Ally was just pandering to fans with comments tonight (Referring to McCoist’s comments about a lack of leadership at the SFA.) Guy I knew wouldn't actually think that way. Too intelligent.” Oh dear oh dear Jim, it takes an admirable level of bitterness to hate Rangers so much you would claim the SFA isn’t lacking leadership, so fair play to him for being that much of a dick.

4. Jim Spence

Jim might look like Simon Cowell’s spastic brother but he’s actually part of the BBC’s continued effort to have a wee pop at Rangers and kid on you never thing they’ve got going on. Jim writes a blog on Scottish lower division football which has a 6 figure traffic rate by  6 figure I mean of course mean “6 people” and by traffic rate I mean “think his blog is shite.” Jim took merry delight in explaining why big bad Rangers had to be punished, having of course written a blog about Dundee a few years earlier explaining how It was awful, just awful that the SFA might punish them for their 2nd round of admin, he’s been AWOL from twitter since that particular blog entry surfaced a month ago.

3. Andy Coyle

A fairly unremarkable young man and a journalist for STV. Not much of note I hear you say? Andy Coyle is a worst cunt because unlike Delahunt and Spence who are good enough to nail their colours to the mast while being bitter and talking shite about us, Coyle makes his smug little twitter comments while not having the bollocks to even admit he’s a Celtic fan, anyone who follows Mr.Coyle on twitter will be well aware that the guy takes extreme pleasure in discussing “Newco Rangers” with the same delight as a man who’s just pissed in your cornflakes. We know you hate us Andy, at least be a man about it.

2. Graham Spiers

Where do you start with the golfist? He is without doubt the most arrogant stupid puddle of a human being I’ve ever come across, his comments on Rangers aren’t biased or hateful they are just ill informed to the point you seriously doubt if he actually knows anything about what’s going on, he even claimed recently that Stewart Regan wanted Rangers in the SPL! Despite the many statements from clubs around the country confirming that he would veto a “yes” vote to our application for transfer of membership, don’t be shocked if you get a twitter message off Spiersy asking why Rangers aren’t playing in the SPL this week and asking if the game was delayed, he’s as out of touch with the situation as Craig Whyte is with reality. I think it would be best if Graham stuck to golf, his half arsed arrogant and ignorant style is more suited to talking about golf bats and diamond print sweaters than football. Also he looks like he could potentially be Jedward’s da so that’s another reason that Graham Spiers is a massive arsehole!

There was only ever going to be one winner of this award though, one man who took his nonsense to another level entirely time and again….

1. Alex Thomson

Toxic Tomo was late to the party but he wasted no time getting stuck in with half-truths and some seriously made up sensationalist bullshit, at one point claiming Rangers were morally corrupt for trying to agree a CVA and that we owed everyone in Scotland £20. Other offenses for Toxic Tomo range from taking a horrible smug pleasure from referring to us as “The Rangers” he either gets a pound or a hardon every time he does it, to mocking the Ibrox disaster and feigning ignorance having of course referred to it in his blog a week earlier.  So for the love of fuck someone give this clown his 20 quid and his award for biggest knob-end so he can piss off back to Channel 4 and proof read Hollyoaks scripts.

These lovely gentlemen are but the tip of the iceberg in the feeding frenzy that has become the Rangers story since wee Shooter McGavin rolled into town and fiddled with our taxes, I have no doubt as some of you read this you said to yourself “WHERE’S THAT CUNT ?!”  Which is all the more reason why Rangers fans need to stick together and listen to the people at the club who have our best interests at heart and to the journos out there who actually do a decent honest job, they are out there, sadly so are the likes of Alex Thomson.

It’s time for the Nessinator to take an ice bath with a nurse and a bag of chips! If you enjoyed this blog then you’re a cool guy. If you never then please feel free to not contact me about it, plus yer a dick and your maw’s a bawbag.

26 July 2012

SFL3 Preview: Peterhead FC

by Peter Ewart | Contributor

Bears on their travels this season are likely to be into some unfamiliar territory as we work our way around SFL3. First up is Peterhead.

So what can we expect?

Admittedly, I knew very little about the place to begin with. It is a fishing town (it was a base for the cult “Trawlermen” documentary series, subtitles and all) and has a prison. The football team has been around the lower SFL leagues for a while. With that as a starting point there was definitely a need for more info.


Approximately 30 miles north of Aberdeen, Peterhead is a town of around 19,000 people, where fishing and agriculture are main support of the town and surrounding area. (Peterhead is the number one white fish port in Europe). The harbour supports the oil and gas industries in the North Sea as well as the providing a port for cruise ships. It is also Alex Salmond country, as part of the Banff & Buchan constituency. It claims to have the 18th oldest golf course in the world (who the hell worked that out?) and yes, it has its own Wetherspoons. It’ll be a good 3 and half hours on the coach from the central belt.


Founded in 1890, Peterhead FC have been in the SFL set up since 2000 when they were admitted along with Elgin, filling the two vacancies created by the SPL’s move from ten to twelve teams.

Nicknamed ‘the Blue Toon’ and a former Highland League side, Peterhead were promoted to the second division after season 2004/05, and came close to back-to-back promotions in 2006 but just lost out on a place in the first division to late equaliser and subsequent playoff loss on penalties to Partick Thistle.

Relegated to SFL3 in 2010-11 after a six year stay in division two, a fifth place finish last season saw them just miss out on the playoffs. With Alloa and now Stranraer promoted, they will have a playoff spot in their sights and the chance of promotion which would be bring even greater financial benefit next season, assuming Rangers get promoted as well.


Peterhead’s current home Balmoor opened in 1997/8. Like many others their previous ground Recreation Park was swallowed up by a large supermarket. Balmoor is well within the main body of the town within half a mile of the centre and is adjacent to more parkland.

The ground has a grass pitch (sounds obvious but not all will have) with 2 stands, each taking in about half the length of the touchline on each side. The remaining areas around the pitch are undeveloped and accommodate standing. There is a social club at the back of the main stand.

Balmoor is a 4000 capacity ground, with 1000 seats.

Away ticket chances – 6/10 (6 out of 10)

Despite a 4000 capacity, highest attendance at Balmoor was in January 2012 when around 4,500 watched the cup defeat to Celtic courtesy of temporary stands. (Or the Seville Calculator, perhaps?)

Hopefully similar arrangements can be made for our visits. Distance and potential TV kick off time may deter some, however it will be our SFL3 bow and given all that has gone on, expect tickets to be tough to get hold of, particularly at £12.


Peterhead have a predominantly Scottish squad. Manager Jim McInally and striker Robbie Winters will be familiar faces.


Chairman Rodger Morrison on 12 July 2012: “We would welcome Rangers here and it would be fantastic for the fans and I’m sure we could cope with it given that we faced Celtic in the Scottish Cup tie.

“As I have always said, I believe Rangers should do the honourable thing and take relegation to the Third Division. Although that is not the opinion of the manager as his view is that it will spoil our chances of promotion.

“But I can see the bigger picture here and it will hold great excitement value for the whole of Scottish football.

“Most fans want an expanded SPL and this would be a chance to break the mould. Rangers fans are shouting for them to go into the Third Division and I think it would be interesting, I’m sure they would do well but it would raise the profile of our team at the same time.”

Shortly after the vote into SFL3, their perceptive chairman was happily reporting significant interest from TV companies’ looking for the rights to their opener against us.

Whatever happens the Blue Toon stands to be a deeper shade of blue on opening day.

More can be found at: www.peterheadfc.com

Twitter: @pfcofficial

Blue Toon Media: @BlueToonTV

Photo credit: www.myfootballtravels.com

If you're a Peterhead supporter wanting to set us straight, contact us on twitter: @CoplandRoadorg

19 July 2012

Glass houses. Stones. That sort of thing.

You can see why Neil Lennon might not be gushing with sympathy for Rangers right now. Their fans haven't made him terribly likely to raid his savings and help pay the HMRC.

However, when he hints about Rangers being stripped of titles should it be proved that they cheated the Treasury, you have to ask if he really wants to pull at that thread.

You know, just in case anyone brings up the White and Kelly days when Parkhead would be absolutely crammed. Yet next day the papers would give the crowd as 22,000.

Makes you wonder how much was diverted away from the taxman back then? How much it contributed to Celtic's success in the 60s, 70s and 80s? And how they somehow ended up minutes from the gates being padlocked?

Glass Houses. Stones.

That sort of thing.

17 July 2012

The Scottish Football Association: Negligent, Incompetent & Corrupt

by Andy McKellar | Contributor

Since it was announced that Charles Green had purchased the business and assets from The Rangers Football Club plc there has been a seemingly endless schedule of meetings and announcements.

All three governing bodies of Scottish football have been locked away in their Hampden boardrooms, thrashing out proposals and counter-proposals, not to mention Stewart Regan’s secret and corrupt plot to parachute Rangers into SFL1 in order to benefit the Premier League clubs who decided that we weren’t wanted.

Yesterday however it seemed as though the constant faffing around had been dispensed with when the SPL announced that Dundee would take the place of Rangers FC in the SPL and that all three bodies would now look to facilitate Rangers’ entry into Division Three of the Scottish Football League, as agreed in principle last week.

At last there was light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who allowed my mind to wander into the not-so-distant future when we could once again return in our thousands to Ibrox Stadium to cheer on our heroes in blue.

As Charles Green alluded to however, it isn’t wise to expect the expected with Rangers.

There has been a stumbling block placed in our way, another hurdle that we must overcome. Despite the positive tone of the SPL press release, it seems that the Scottish Football Association have other plans.

As things stand Rangers Football Club are now only 11 days away from their first competitive fixture in the Ramsden’s Cup but yet we find ourselves without the necessary SFA membership. Not only does this mean that we are not yet eligible to play in that match but we currently cannot sign any players and cannot arrange any friendly matches.

Given the timescales involved I find that nothing short of disgraceful on the part of the SFA. It is negligence of the highest order, not that we should be surprised by that in the slightest.

In what I am sure is an unprecedented move, the Scottish Football Associated have filled Rangers’ membership transfer form with just about as many sanctions and punishments as they could fit onto the sheet.

Quite crucially, Charles Green has been told that he MUST accept a registration embargo which would prevent him and Ally McCoist from bolstering their much depleted squad to any sort of respectable level & running the risk of relying of inexperienced youth players to gain promotion. Even if the rumours that this ban will not kick into action until 1st September, it still leave two years worth of work to be completed in the space of little over a month, hardly ideal.

The Rangers fans have been outraged by this and I am sure I am not the only one who immediately felt like sticking two fingers up to Regan & Co and demanding that such proposals are scrapped.

Such an approach however does come with considerable risk as it is conceivable that this would result in the membership transfer being rejected and there being no football at Ibrox for at least another year, possibly more.

It seems to be the classic ‘stick or twist’ scenario but with the added concern that either choice could carry very serious consequences for our football club. I certainly don’t envy Mr Green in having to make such a decision.

What should also be noted in amongst this fine mess is that Lord Glennie & the Court of Session ruled that the judicial panel acted outwith their powers in imposing the original registration embargo last season.

You may also remember Stewart Regan saying that if their rules or punishments cannot be upheld by the law then they cannot be enforced by the SFA following the late Paul McBride QC forcing a rather significant backtrack with their punishment of Neil Lennon. Conveniently however Mr Regan seems to have abandoned that principle and may well be in contempt of court by refusing to adhere to the judgement handed down a few months ago.

UEFA have also been forced to abandon any plans to use transfer embargoes to punish those clubs who do not adhere to their Financial Fair Play rules due to the potential illegality of the sanction.

Such illegality however does not seem to worry the SFA Chief Exec as he attempts to blackmail Rangers FC into competing with both hands tied behind its back.

There is without doubt a considerable bloodlust from fans of other clubs, particularly those in the SPL, but I’m afraid it isn’t Regan’s job to satisfy such contemptuous feelings. Instead he is there to apply and govern the Scottish game fairly and evenly and I don’t think it will shock many when I say that in that respect, he has been nothing but a complete and utter failure.

Almost every club in Scotland has completely lost its faith in Mr Regan. It doesn’t take a genius to see why.

We must now wait nervously as Charles Green attempts to persuade the SFA to see reason and put an end to the ridiculous conveyor-belt of sanctions that keep coming our way.

Apparently it is the view of some that being removed from the SPL & forced to enter Division Three is not a punishment in any way, shape of form. Frankly, I couldn’t disagree more, and I share Mr Green’s sentiments in saying that in fact it is the ‘ultimate punishment’ other than the unrealistic notions of suspension or termination of course.

To put things into perspective Juventus for example were found guilty of match fixing through the corruption of match officials. The scandal also included AC Milan, Fiorentina, Lazio & Reggina. Only Juventus however were relegated, and only by one division, with the rest receiving rather minimal punishments considering the nature of the offence.

Rangers on the other hand have been guilty of nothing more than financial mismanagement with David Murray and Craig Whyte, both possibly facing criminal charges for their roles in our downfall.

I have heard many fans rambling about dual-contracts and apparent cheating but yet, as far as I can see, our only crime thus far has been entering administration and now forming a newco, all of which seems far less of an issue in other countries around the world.

Anyway, I digress, for in this country apparently such a thing is unthinkable. It is so immoral and abhorrent that our SFA have been determined to pile sanction after sanction onto new owners, fans and players, all of whom are innocent victims of the tragic chain of events caused by Messrs Murray & Whyte.

I would also like to highlight that the original Judicial Panel used a legal precedent from 1972 to justify their punishment of Rangers FC, as an entity, rather than Craig Whyte, despite it being made abundantly clear as to who was really responsible.

Their concern with legality however remarkably diminished when they decided to impose an unlawful registration embargo and it should also be noted that both HM Revenue & Customs and the Procurator Fiscal both strongly disagree with their view on just where the guilt lies in this case, as their pursuance of our two previous owners, possibly amongst others, indicates.

However let us not let facts get in the way for it wouldn’t suit the SFA to simply blame Craig Whyte for this mess, despite the clear justification of doing so. Perhaps we should ask Mr Regan or the members of the Judicial Panel just why they are taking a differing view from the other authorities. I certainly wouldn’t hold my breath in waiting for a reasoned explanation.

Anyway, here we stand, uncertain and unsure of just what lies around the corner. Our relief in believing that we could look forward to the football once again was short-lived as we must now await the outcome of discussions between Green & Regan.

At this point in time I am not aware that anything has been formally confirmed but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if we found ourselves back on the doorsteps of Hampden, gathered in our thousands to protest against the negligence, the incompetence and the corruption of the Scottish Football Association.

All together now …

54 and counting....

by Andy McKellar | Contributor

Just as we were beginning to naively allow our minds to return to that long forgotten aspect of following Rangers – the football – the governing bodies of Scottish football have yet again dropped another bombshell on our front door.

Following the revelation that the SFA have not yet granted Rangers Football Club their requested membership transfer and do not intend to do so without a raft of sanctions being agreed, we today rose to the news that a ‘secret dossier’ contains plans to strip our Club of NINE trophies won between 2003 and 2011.

Stewart Regan swept into power in the corridors of Hampden, carried by a wind of optimism following the rather underwhelming reign of ex-Ranger Gordon Smith we were promised a modernisation of the old dinosaur that is known as the Scottish Football Association and that this new-look organisation would be characterised by openness and transparency. I’m sure I am not the only one who believes that we are due a refund.

As far as I can see Mr Regan has succeeded only in speeding up the disciplinary process, something that was certainly required after incidents like the almost never-ending Glenn Loovens trial a few years back. He has however made the decision-making process more erratic and there has certain been a curious choice of incidents chosen for review over the course of last season. Anyway, I digress, for it is abundantly clear for all to see, including I would imagine the vast majority of the 42 football clubs that comprise the top four tiers of our national game, that Regan is completely and utterly out of his depth.

Not only did the former Yorkshire County Cricket Club CEO arrogantly believe that he could bully and manipulate the SFL clubs into voting Rangers into Division One for the benefit of the crumbling SPL but now we have a man who is determined to impose as many sanctions as possible onto a football club that is attempting to recover and show contrition for the sins of its previous owners.

To the best of my knowledge, and presumably that of the mainstream media, the Scottish Premier League have not announced a verdict into their investigation of ‘dual contracts’, which is actually an inaccurate phrase being used to refer to the non-disclosure of payments. Both you will agree, are not one and the same thing.

The SFA previously indicated that they would await the outcome of the SPL investigation before taking whatever action they deem as being appropriate but today’s news however makes a complete mockery of that claim as Regan & Co attempt to strip our Club of the titles it has won without guilt ever having been officially established. It is the essentially treating Rangers FC as being guilty until proven innocent and whatever way you look at it, that just isn’t right.

Of course we may well be found guilty of not disclosing the discretionary EBT payments to the SFA or SPL over a period of years when the scheme was in operation. The SFA Articles of Association, Sec12.1 states:

“all payments, whether made by the club or otherwise, which are to be made to a player solely relating to his playing activities must be fully recorded within the relevant written agreement with the play prior to submission to this association and/or the recognised football body of which his club is in membership”

Just for clarity, again I emphasise that this is not about dual-contracts or third party payments, it is simply about non-disclosure of presumably just the Employee Benefit Trust payments received by individual players. It is certainly for more intelligent people than myself to discuss but as far as I can see the benefit of receiving payments through an EBT scheme is that the employee essentially receives a loan that is never repaid. Regardless of how strange a concept that may be, I wonder if Rangers have or can argue that loans given to players cannot be deemed as payments for their ‘playing activities’ as, in essence, these could theoretically be paid back. Anyway, that is certainly an issue for more high-flying legal minds to discuss and debate. What I do know is that in any walk of life you would expect the punishment to be proportionate to the crime and in my humble opinion, the stripping of titles seems majorly excessive.

The Daily Telegraph ran a story on 15th February claiming that as many as eight Premier League clubs operated similar EBT schemes to that implemented by David Murray at Rangers. In addition clubs were seemingly using ‘image-rights’ as an excuse to pay a proportion of players’ wages into companies, often offshore, which would avoid the higher rates of tax and National Insurance which would ordinarily result. Strangely however the English FA have never stepped in and placed sanctions on their member clubs for doing so, instead allowing the issues to be resolved with the relevant tax authorities. I certainly haven’t heard of any move to strip Chelsea of their league titles, despite having being one of the clubs that paid considerable sums for players’ image rights over the course of a number of years. So just why are the SFA taking action?

Well, assuming Rangers did not disclose certain payments, technically our clubs would be in breach of the rules. I would however like to ask you to consider just why such rules are in place. Had Rangers FC fully complied with said rules, it would have been to no benefit of the SFA and would only have succeeded in ensuring that Rangers EBT scheme was operated illegally due to written consent from each player being required as per section 12.1 quoted a few paragraphs above.

Furthermore I would like to point out that Rangers have submitted Annual Accounts to the football authorities each and every year as required and in each and every set of accounts the SFA and SPL would have found that all payments to the ‘The Murray Group Management Remuneration Trust’ were clearly disclosed. It is astounding that nobody at the SFA has even questioned this matter before now. Their duty is to govern Scottish football and if they can’t even be bothered to check the accounts that they ask to be lodged then I think that epitomised the negligence and incompetence of those in charge.

Regardless of the points above it does indeed appear that the Scottish Football Association, together with the Scottish Premier League, will do everything in their power to remove certain trophies and titles from Rangers Football Club. I think deep down we all knew this day was on the horizon as soon as the investigation was launched. That is not an admission of guilt, simply a recognition of the actions and motives of those running Scottish football.

Charles Green is still a man who is looking to find favour with the Rangers support and bowing down to the SFA is certainly not the way to achieve our trust. Our club has a proud and illustrious history and no fan will want that to be easily removed or blemished as part of secret discussions with Regan and his like. Mr Green must fight the authorities every step of the way with this. I look at Juventus as an example – they were found guilty of match-fixing, a much more serious offence than anything we have or ever will be charged with, but yet they still continue to dispute the charge, officially recognising the full 30 titles that they have won on the pitch. Certainly I am in no doubt that the Rangers fans, regardless of the outcome, will never forgive the football authorities for their actions in recent months and they certainly will not let go of the 9 glorious trophies that our team won during the period in question.

I largely suspect that we could find ourselves descending on the doorsteps of Hampden again in the not-too-distant future with a crowd even larger than the thousands who marched on 28th April following the decision to impose an unlawful registration embargo by the SFA Judicial Panel.

This time our message will be clear:



Following the posting of this blog, STV provided some further clarity on matters.

16 July 2012


Faces vote of "no-confidence" one day.

Imposes illegal sanctions the next.

14 July 2012

Dear Mr Gilmour,

We recognize you may have felt your hands were tied, what with that army in white and black clamouring for the figurative head of Rangers FC to be served up on a platter.

But perhaps you should have taken some time to consider the consequences before casting your vote. Sure, hindsight is 20/20 and all. But common sense in business isn't too much harder to stumble across.

We've attached below for you a little reading. You may want to pass it along to your lawyer so he can begin prepping for what should be--if there is any integrity left after your crusade to be passed along to the justice system--a fairly open and shut case for the prosecutor.

Perhaps you've got another piece of land to sell off to Tesco that could cover your expenses?


The Copland Road Organization


Companies Act 2006

172 Duty to promote the success of the company

(1) A director of a company must act in the way he considers, in good faith, would be most likely to promote the success of the company for the benefit of its members as a whole, and in doing so have regard (amongst other matters) to—

(a) the likely consequences of any decision in the long term,

(b) the interests of the company's employees,

(c) the need to foster the company's business relationships with suppliers, customers and others,

(d) the impact of the company's operations on the community and the environment,

(e) the desirability of the company maintaining a reputation for high standards of business conduct, and

(f) the need to act fairly as between members of the company.

(2) Where or to the extent that the purposes of the company consist of or include purposes other than the benefit of its members, subsection (1) has effect as if the reference to promoting the success of the company for the benefit of its members were to achieving those purposes.

(3) The duty imposed by this section has effect subject to any enactment or rule of law requiring directors, in certain circumstances, to consider or act in the interests of creditors of the company.

13 July 2012

Wheels on fire

by Shane Nicholson | CRO editor

Let's take a trip back in time, all the way back to March when Rangers were just a club in adminstration and the layers of our many problems were still being peeled away.

Now you figure that a football association would begin formulating a route forward that is acheiveable and reasonable at that very point, so that when the dust finally settled on whatever the outcome would be one could start getting on with business.

But I don't think even the wisest among us could foresee the level of ineptitude (not to mention corruption) that would be on display in the halls of Hampden.

Putting aside the obvious--namely that there are people in high places who'd still be happy to see us disappear while somehow still paying their own bills--the leader of an FA typically has his finger on the pulse of his association. This man should have the clearest picture of anyone exactly what's going on around the shop.

That of course does not describe our own Stewart Regan, who has bumbled his way through this whole sorry affair with all the grace and dignity of an out of control drunk turned loose on an open bar.

"I think it's a big issue for the game right across the world trying to make sure that the right people are involved in running the game and those who are not a fit and proper person to a position in association football equally are reviewed and barriers are put in place to stop them being involved."

Fair enough. Maybe we should take a closer look at the people running our game. I'll agree with this one, Stewie. Now, what about the crisis Scottish football will surely face in light of the problems at Ibrox?

"Is Scottish football in crisis? No, no more so than any other country around the world."

Seems a far cry from the armagaeddon chat we were given recently, no? Bear in mind, just four short months ago this was the line.

"Clubs in administration in Scotland are no different to clubs in administration elsewhere.

"I think Rangers is unique simply because it is such a big name and a big footballing brand.

"There will be a route through this, we will have to find out what the best route is and start to build a plan for the future."

Four months ago. Seriously.

In all that time Regan couldn't be bothered to come up with a plan, let alone a decent statement to release following the forgone conclusion of yesterday's SFL vote. And this is the man offering guidance and support to the clubs and leagues, leading the challenge, and planning for the future.

But there's still no route forward from the SFA, and all the "Rangers are no different," "sporting integrity," and "reinvigorating of the national game" sound bites in the world won't change that.

There must be something in him that believes if he talks enough eventually something good is going to come out, but every time he finds a microphone he just adds another body to the pile.

So it's time to take that long walk home, Stewie. Thanks for that offer of guidance, but quite frankly the only outcome "that enables Scottish football to move on with consensus, clarity and confidence" is to end your abortion of a reign.

03 July 2012

Division 3 may be morally right...

...but the consequences are great – for Rangers and the SPL

by Billy Ferguson | Contributor 

The decision among the Rangers support, and also the wider majority of the SPL fans, want Rangers to start again in SFL Division 3 and work our way back up to the top. 

Morally, this is what should happen.

I can’t help but feel that the morality aspect isn’t coming into the thought process from some sections of the Rangers support.

Fans want Division 3 to see the SPL and all most all of its’ member clubs fail.

Dropping divisions, just to have the pleasure and satisfaction of seeing other clubs fail is not an idea I’m fond of. Yes, clubs are having a kick at us. Let them. We’ll be back.

We have to concentrate on ourselves.

The stark reality of dropping into Division 3 is that it means there will be even less income for Rangers. That in turn means more costs will be cut. More players will leave. Jobs will be lost.

No-one wants to see that. But it’s probably going to happen. And when it does, we can’t complain. And we can’t lay the blame at the door of Charles Green either, but that will also happen.

Personally, on a purely footballing basis I want to see Rangers stay in the SPL. 

I said footballing, not morally.

That’s not going to happen, though, and it is what it is.

I can’t agree with the thought process of wanting Rangers to play in the third division just to see other clubs go to the wall.

I’m not fond of the clubs in the league, I don’t care about them that much, but there’s a wider aspect to look at: When a club goes ‘tits up’ so to speak it means jobs will be lost. 

Honest, hard-working people will be out of a job. 

The fans – put your personal thoughts about them to the side – may find themselves without a club.

After all that has gone on with Rangers these past few months and staring at the possibility of not having a club to support, I can honestly say I wouldn’t wish that upon other supporters.

It’s worth noting that should clubs go bust because of us dropping divisions, when we eventually do return to the top flight the league we find ourselves playing in may not be so different to the ones we have just left behind.

That, sadly, is probably a reality, and Rangers will get the blame for it. Wrongly.

Rangers will certainly get the blame for clubs going to the wall. Maybe clubs shouldn’t revolve their budget around Rangers being in the SPL.

Rangers in Division 3 is what should happen. It’s only fair. But I can’t say I’m looking forward to what may happen when we get there.

02 July 2012

Dear Mr SPL Board Member Guy,

You sold your fans out to try and sell a few more season tickets.

You led them to believe that integrity took precedence over your bank accounts.

You told them you would prosper without Rangers because all of your fans who fled to our wonderful club would come home.

You said our supporters didn't matter.

You said "NO to Newco" knowing full well that without us to line your pockets you'd face the same fate, and soon.

You lied to your own customers for nothing more than to appease their unabashed and lately unbridled hatred of our club.

And now you get to explain why.

Good luck.