03 July 2012

Division 3 may be morally right...

...but the consequences are great – for Rangers and the SPL

by Billy Ferguson | Contributor 

The decision among the Rangers support, and also the wider majority of the SPL fans, want Rangers to start again in SFL Division 3 and work our way back up to the top. 

Morally, this is what should happen.

I can’t help but feel that the morality aspect isn’t coming into the thought process from some sections of the Rangers support.

Fans want Division 3 to see the SPL and all most all of its’ member clubs fail.

Dropping divisions, just to have the pleasure and satisfaction of seeing other clubs fail is not an idea I’m fond of. Yes, clubs are having a kick at us. Let them. We’ll be back.

We have to concentrate on ourselves.

The stark reality of dropping into Division 3 is that it means there will be even less income for Rangers. That in turn means more costs will be cut. More players will leave. Jobs will be lost.

No-one wants to see that. But it’s probably going to happen. And when it does, we can’t complain. And we can’t lay the blame at the door of Charles Green either, but that will also happen.

Personally, on a purely footballing basis I want to see Rangers stay in the SPL. 

I said footballing, not morally.

That’s not going to happen, though, and it is what it is.

I can’t agree with the thought process of wanting Rangers to play in the third division just to see other clubs go to the wall.

I’m not fond of the clubs in the league, I don’t care about them that much, but there’s a wider aspect to look at: When a club goes ‘tits up’ so to speak it means jobs will be lost. 

Honest, hard-working people will be out of a job. 

The fans – put your personal thoughts about them to the side – may find themselves without a club.

After all that has gone on with Rangers these past few months and staring at the possibility of not having a club to support, I can honestly say I wouldn’t wish that upon other supporters.

It’s worth noting that should clubs go bust because of us dropping divisions, when we eventually do return to the top flight the league we find ourselves playing in may not be so different to the ones we have just left behind.

That, sadly, is probably a reality, and Rangers will get the blame for it. Wrongly.

Rangers will certainly get the blame for clubs going to the wall. Maybe clubs shouldn’t revolve their budget around Rangers being in the SPL.

Rangers in Division 3 is what should happen. It’s only fair. But I can’t say I’m looking forward to what may happen when we get there.