19 July 2012

Glass houses. Stones. That sort of thing.

You can see why Neil Lennon might not be gushing with sympathy for Rangers right now. Their fans haven't made him terribly likely to raid his savings and help pay the HMRC.

However, when he hints about Rangers being stripped of titles should it be proved that they cheated the Treasury, you have to ask if he really wants to pull at that thread.

You know, just in case anyone brings up the White and Kelly days when Parkhead would be absolutely crammed. Yet next day the papers would give the crowd as 22,000.

Makes you wonder how much was diverted away from the taxman back then? How much it contributed to Celtic's success in the 60s, 70s and 80s? And how they somehow ended up minutes from the gates being padlocked?

Glass Houses. Stones.

That sort of thing.