31 August 2012

Guilty as Charged

by Bill McMurdo | CRO contributor | @williammcmurdo |

Like many Rangers fans I eagerly awaited today’s verdict on the charges of disrepute levelled at Rangers CEO Charles Green and team boss Ally McCoist by the SFA.

After hearing that both men were found guilty I don’t know whether to be relieved at the piffling sentences handed down to Chuck and Ally – a censure and a three-match touchline ban suspended for a year, respectively – or angry at the decision to find both men guilty.

What I will NOT do is what we are all supposed to do – shrug my shoulders and move on.

The real story in this tawdry tale is not the trifling nature of the punishments dished out to Green and McCoist; it is the astonishing conclusion reached that these men merit punishment at all.

In McCoist’s case, he was simply asking that Stewart Regan not renege on his pledge to provide complete transparency in the legislative and judicial matters of the Scottish game i.e. no more faceless, nameless panels held in secret handing down judgments.

As for Green, his accusations of bigotry directed at Rangers by other clubs and their fans is easily proven with a quick trawl of internet forums and blogs.

In a nutshell, both men were right. By normal standards of equity and justice, that is.

But that’s where the real problem lies in this sorry chapter.

Because long before Charles Green and Ally McCoist showed up to argue their respective cases in front of the beaks, their guilty verdict was decided upon.

You see, being charged with a breach of rules, especially the infamous Rule 66, by the SFA is to be automatically guilty in 2012.

If you are an official of Rangers Football Club, that is.

Such is the culture of hatred towards Rangers – yes, downright bigotry – that it is impossible for Rangers’ employees to get impartial justice from the increasingly discredited Scottish Football Association or the SPL.

The game is not if club officials are suspected of rule breaches, try them fairly and equitably.

The new game is, ‘What can we pin on Rangers and smear them with guilt before the mock trial which will deliver a pre-determined guilty verdict?’

It increasingly looks like the governing bodies in Scottish football’s main purpose for existing is to dream up and impose crippling sanctions on Rangers.

Rangers fans are often accused these days of being the bad guys because we want the SPL clubs to die. But why should any Rangers fan seek the welfare of clubs who did their best to viciously put the boot in when Rangers were in need of help and sympathy?

Be assured, there will be no mercy shown to those who showed no mercy.

The petty jealousies and superiority complexes of both SFA and SPL officials toward Rangers is simply because RFC is bigger than all the other clubs combined.

Scottish football would be a pub team setup without Rangers FC.

In fact, the way SPL teams are performing so far in cup competitions this season, a few pub teams might give them a good game!

The biggest danger to the sentences passed down on Charles Green and Ally McCoist is to just accept them because “they could have been a lot worse.” That is a pile of crap. If they could have gotten away with much tougher punishments, they would have dished them out.

I refuse to accept the guilt of Green and McCoist on these matters. I don’t accept the decision and I don’t accept the punishments.

Now I can’t change the verdict but that’s not the issue. The issue is what the verdict galvanises me into doing.

The guilty verdict on Chuck and Ally makes me more determined than ever to defend Rangers from its many enemies and detractors.

It also strengthens my resolve to do all I can to do my part to expose and bring down the corrupt cabal that is like a cancer at the heart of Scottish football.

I don’t want an SFA run by Rangers or run for Rangers’ benefit more than other teams.

But I most definitely don’t want an SFA run by Rangers’ enemies with an agenda to persecute and cripple our club.

There is one thing we Rangers fans have in common with the haters who pollute the offices of the SFA and SPL.

We have also prejudged them, just as they do with the club we love.

And we find them guilty of hate, bigotry, prejudice and corruption.

Guilty as charged.