21 October 2012

Ally wears a tracksuit; Nothing else matters

by Andy McGowan | CRO Contributor

Yesterday Rangers managed a scrappy win over Queens Park. The 2-0 win against the Queens 14 (You have to include the ref and his linesmen who were apparently too busy on talkceltic.com to see our players being kicked off the park for 90 minutes) sent Rangers top of the SFL3.

There were several talking points from yesterday – Ian Black is awful; one upfront doesn’t work; McCoist changed it early and got the reward; Andy Little is back; Lee McCulloch is the Jelavic of division 3; the men in black are colour blind when it comes to fouls on Rangers players; Rangers finally go top.

But the issue most fans want to talk about is that McCoist wasn’t wearing a suit. I am lucky enough to be seated next to a cool old man at Ibrox who gets really mad really often and early, and about 5 minutes into the game he turns and asks me if Ally has a tracky on. I reply “I think so” and return to watching the game. Little did I know 24 hours later it would still be a talking point.

Apparently people of the internet are outraged at Ally not wearing a suit, so say the always fashionable Ibrox crowd. (Me and the old man were wearing matching red jackets. We looked fantastic!) Walter Smith wore a tracksuit many times and it was never an issue (FACT according to Dicko), maybe because he looked like Paulie from the Sopranos and people were worried about sleeping with the fishes.

Anyway, I’d be happy if Ally wore a dress and we won the match. Maybe we could talk Durranty into that one? Andy's a regular contributor to the CRO and the kind of boy your parents would be pleasantly surprised if you brought home after that last junkie you were with (listen up, ladies). He can be found on Twitter at @iEmpire_Andy and via email: amcgowan@thecoplandroad.org