11 September 2012

CRO says NO to a Clyde Boycott

by Peter Ewart | CRO contributor | @Seasider06 |

After all that has happened in 2012 Bears have been asking a lot of questions and that's no bad thing. One of the more puzzling questions continually coming up is a desire to find out which club voted against our entrance to the SFL.

As you know the vote was 29-1, and there seems to be a desire to find out which club was the one. The immediate assumption being whatever club voted against Rangers football club wanted to see us out of the existence.

The finger of suspicion seems to be pointing squarely at Clyde FC. And subsequent to the vote the club has not answered direct questions about whether or not it was in fact them that levied the lone vote of opposition.

Such unwillingness appears to have brought about talk of a boycott of the game at Broadwood at the end of October from some of our support. But even if Clyde were ‘the one’ any boycott would be misguided.

It might well have been Clyde who voted no. If they did I think there would be good reason for it. It is more likely that the no vote was a protest against the incompetent mess made of the management of the process by SPL and the SFA than a slight toward Rangers.

In Clyde’s press release on the eve of the vote, they alluded to not having received enough information on the business side of Green’s bid to enter the SFL and the stark mishandling of the process by the football authorities.

They felt they were being asked to take a flyer, so they may have felt they had to vote against. They would have known that Rangers would be voted into the SFL, and that with such overwhelming support they could afford a protest vote and it would have absolutely no effect other than just that - to make a point.

And whoever it was who voted no, the result of the second vote also suggests it was a protest. In the second vote for whether to put Rangers in the first or third division of the SFL the vote was 25 to 5 in favour of the third. Surely anybody wanting us out of the league altogether would have abstained or not voted at all. So for me it was a protest vote, nothing more sinister.

So there is no reason to boycott any of the SFL sides, and certainly no reason to boycott Broadwood in October.

They were one of the first to break cover and point out the failings and bullying from the SPL and SFA. On 30th June, a Clyde club statement attacked the plan to put Rangers in Division 1 by the SPL/SFA to avoid “financial meltdown”.

“The essential intent behind those papers is to induce the SFL clubs to agree a proposal to allow a Newco to enter the SFL in the First Division in exchange for a range of structural changes to the current set up and some small financial inducements,” their statement said.

“The Board believe that any proposals for change should not be rushed, as these have been. They also have to be done by consensus and not through threat or inducement, again, as these have been.
“The papers include a proposal to allow a Newco to enter the First Division. This is contrary to the rules of the SFL and nothing within the papers justifies this proposal.”

Progressive voices like Clyde are ones that should be allies for RFC. No way should we be making enemies of them. They are a member owned club and there are things that we as a support can learn from them.

There are many battles to be fought. Clyde isn’t one them.

I’ll be at Broadwood on 28 October.